7 Awesome Websites for Learning Something New Everyday

7 Awesome Websites for Learning Something New Everyday

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 09/05/2018

"One who can master their time, can master their life"

Is you to-do list filled with things to do that never get your time (and attention)?

Learning something new is always a fun idea, if only you had the time for it. So, what does it takes to get that 'extra' time? After all, you have your friends, family, deadlines, schedules and commitments to keep and there are only 24 hours in a day!

The truth is - there's no way you can get more hours/minutes in a day. However, that still shouldn't discourage you from learning a new skill or a hobby in life. In the era we live in, there are ways where anyone can easily learn something fun, interesting and useful by sparing only a few minutes of their time every day.



Wondering how?

We've compiled a list of 7 amazing websites to learn something new online every day. Be it learning a new language, a career building hobby or simply a useful hack for the day, it's time to start learning now -


#1 Highbrow

Whether you want to build self-confidence, be more productive or simply stay peaceful with meditation, you can now learn with over 200+ bite-sized courses and 2500+ lessons from world renowned experts at Highbrow.

The team at Highbrow have painstakingly dedicated their time and efforts to make new things to learn as easy as checking your social media feed or email. It is free to start with and if you find it worthwhile, you can also go premium to unlock more benefits and features of this learning website.

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#2 Scribd

Getting smarter is always a good idea and if you're interested to be a better you, start reading and learning everyday with Scribd. From your favourite news and magazines to books and audiobooks, you can sign up free for 30 days and discover more than 1 million titles at your fingertips.

Reading is a great way to improve your knowledge and enhance your perspective in life. With Scribd, there's always something new you can search, explore and learn on a daily basis by just giving few minutes of your time.

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#3 Daily Yoga

Is squeezing time out of your busy day to do Yoga is too tough a task? Try Daily Yoga - your daily source for yoga lessons. Just as a personal trainer helps you to learn and practice the right yoga poses, you can sign up for free yoga lessons online here.

Don't just practice, start tracking your progress and stay motivated to be a fitter you, physically and mentally. Plus, you can also share your yoga moments with fellow fitness enthusiasts who are a part of the community at Daily Yoga.

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#4 SkillShare

Online learning websites are picking up pace as the preferred way to learn a new skill. SkillShare is among the top choices for people who want to pick up online classes and courses in fields like - art, design, technology, business and photography. You can easily watch bite-sized lessons online from anywhere on your mobile or computer.

If you're in the mood to explore interesting things to learn online, there's always something fun in tools, technology and techniques available at SkillShare. Still making excuses?

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#5 Hackaday

The beauty of life is that it is incredibly complex yet simple at the same time. If you want to stay on top of your everyday game, there's Hackaday for you. An online blog dedicated to sharing fresh new life hacks daily. From electronics and technology to DIY (do-it-yourself) hacks, you can choose to learn something new with fun, entertaining posts.

Better yet, if you have a hack worth sharing with others, you can join the Hackaday community and collaborate with people. Learn with informative blogs and videos with just 5 minutes every day and hack your way to a better life (literally).

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#6 Coursera

Education is online and so is the future of certification and specialization. If you are searching for skills to learn in your free time without actually taking a day off, try Coursera. By partnering with top universities and educational institutions, every course offered on this e-learning platform is open, transparent and verified.

You can take online courses and start learning with video lectures, auto-graded assignments and discussion forums. If you're in the mood for a specialization, Coursera lets you learn with advanced courses and hands-on projects.

Want to add a new degree to your professional repertoire? You can easily do so with university-recognized degree with online admission in fields like - business, data science and technology.

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#7 Creative Live

Creative professionals are often found juggling work and life and that leaves little or no time to enhance their creative skills. If this sounds like your story, it's time to start learning with Creative Live. One of the world's largest live streaming education websites, you can easily avail 'on-air' classes available 24 hours a day and advance your creativity.

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home husband, learn at your own pace with interactive video, podcasts, interviews and much more on subjects like - photography, art and design, craft, film, video and fine art courses online.

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Bonus Learning Website - Rype

Learning a new language is one of the best skills to learn and has excellent benefits for your personal and professional growth. However, a foreign language isn't the easiest thing to learn if you have a busy schedule, right?  Enter Rype - an online platform where you can book one-to-one language lessons with professional teachers. Simply sign up and pick the schedule that suits you the most and start learning a new language through private lessons.

The best part about enrolling in language lessons online with Rype is that you will have your personalized learning plan for faster results and better progress tracking. Save time, money and efforts and learn a new language with just few minutes a day!

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What's Next?


 It's time to learn something new today! Online or offline, whatever be your preferred medium for learning, there are always interesting things to learn in life (if you want to).

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