6 Inexpensive Hobbies You Can Learn on a Budget

6 Inexpensive Hobbies You Can Learn on a Budget

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 10/03/2018

Having fun costs money, right?


In the age of apps, social media and technology, having a hobby is rare but rewarding. After all, hobbies are an exciting way to add creativity, entertainment and skills in your life. If you think finding a hobby is an expensive affair, think again! Not everyone has to be financially blessed to learn an awesome hobby as there are numerous hobby ideas that are easy on the pocket.

Whether you are living on a budget or simply searching for cheap hobbies to learn at any age, here are 6 inexpensive hobbies to get you started on learning something new –

#1 Blogging

Teamwork making an online blog

Years ago, starting a blog required money, coding knowledge and resources that only the privileged or advanced ones could do. The present scenario, however, is very different. We live in the age of free blogging platforms that allow anyone to express themselves online. You can choose free blogging platforms for beginners such as – WordPress, Quora, Medium and Tumblr to start your own blog.

Starting a blog today is as easy as creating a Facebook or Instagram account and the best part is you can also transform it from low cost hobby into a part-time source of income easily.


#2 Baking

Decorating delicious homemade eclairs with chocolate and peanuts

A creative hobby that is as fun as it is tasty – you can learn baking in your leisure time with a handful of ingredients (flour, baking soda, sugar and water) only. If you can afford, you can opt for baking lessons and if you want to go the free way, simply download an app that teaches you the basics of baking. Once you get a hang of it, you can invest more time and resources in learning baking as a hobby.

One of the best hobbies for women that is tempting and satisfying to learn, baking is a fun way to spend your weekends and bake the world a better place! A perfect low-cost hobby for the soul, don’t forget to try it.


#3 DIY

Making diy project. knitting decoration. craft tools and supplies. season home valentines day decor.

Hobbies are important for having a well-rounded personality and a creative outlook in life. If you are searching for new hobbies to try, start with a DIY hobby like – Origami, Knitting or Candle Making. There are numerous unique hobbies to learn in your leisure time.  DIYs make up for popular hobby ideas for adults as well as kids who want to enjoy the feeling of creating something from scratch.  If you are wondering how to learn a DIY hobby, there are numerous web resources to learn art and craft hobbies. Be it a kid or an adult, DIYs are usually the best hobbies to enjoy in life.


#4 Mobile Photography

Smiling woman making selfie in winter forest

Smartphone cameras have advanced so rapidly in the last decade that having a DSLR camera to learn the basics of photography is a thing of the past. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enjoy the art of visual storytelling – mobile photography is a great hobby for beginners to try and experiment with the art of photography. Plus, there are a variety of mobile photography apps and blogs for beginners that you can follow to leap further in your pursuit of learning.

The best part about mobile photography is - not only you will have an exciting hobby to learn but will also enjoy unique and precious memories as you move forward in life.


#5 Brain Training

Brain training on yellow room, 3d rendering

Hate to work out that body or too lazy to hit the sports club? Try a mental hobby that will help you to spend your leisure time training your brain. Crosswords, Puzzles, Sudoku etc. are interesting inexpensive hobbies that anyone can easily indulge in. If you are interested in learning indoor hobbies, there are various creative hobbies that involve brain training and mental exercise. These inexpensive hobbies are not only fun but also good for your mental and emotional health in the long run.

Whether the weather is bad or you are too comfortable to leave home, it’s time to pick up a brain-training hobby that requires you to flex the mind muscle in your free time!

You may be surprised but there are many more new hobbies to try that are friendly on your wallet. So, don’t forget to pick a hobby that draws your interest and add the joy of learning something fun, engaging and creative in your free time!

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