6 fun ways you can prepare your kids for studies during summer holidays

6 fun ways you can prepare your kids for studies during summer holidays

  • 17/04/2019

Holidays are a great time for students to unwind and relax. Each year, summer vacation breaks signify a time for break, relaxation and rejuvenation.

However, for parents, it is important that they also utilise this time to prepare children for their overall growth and development.

There are a lot of techniques which can assist children in balancing work and play during their summer vacation.

Here are 6 ways to can prepare your kids for studies during summer holidays:



Short Sessions of Work & Play


Nowadays, summer holidays are not entirely relaxing for kids. Often kids have short assignments or summer homework to complete which can be taken care with proper time and task management.

The best way to utilise a holiday period is to create short mixed sessions of work and play. This ensures that children do not completely lose touch with their studies, while also taking time to enjoy themselves.

For instance, they can spend an hour working on their project/task and after that spend the next hour relaxing with games and leisure activities.

This mix and match approach will encourage your children to prepare for upcoming studies and assignments while at the same time allowing them the luxury to unwind and have fun.

By assigning short sessions for work and for play, you can encourage your child to plan their time better early on in their life.


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