6 Easy and Cost Effective Ways to Promote your Tuition Business in India

6 Easy and Cost Effective Ways to Promote your Tuition Business in India

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 05/03/2019

India’s Growing Market for Tuition and Coaching

According to reports, the market size of India’s private tuition and coaching business is about $15 billion.

Thanks to online platforms that help in promoting tuition businesses, more number of tutors, teachers and coaches are emerging to take advantage of this growing demand (and make a successful teaching career).


In short: the opportunity for a tutor to grow their teaching business and attract more students is huge.


If you are reading this – it’s likely that you are a tutor/teacher who wants to advertise their coaching classes and increase the number of students.


One of the most common questions asked by tutors and teaches are –


How to advertise my coaching classes

 How to grow my coaching classes

 How to promote a coaching institute in India

“How to attract students for tuition”


This following article is our genuine attempt to guide you on how to go about planning for promotion and advertisement for tuition classes. The article covers 6 key aspects


  1. Get an Online Presence
  2. Advertise via Word of Mouth
  3. Get a Website
  4. Use Social Media for Promotion
  5. Join Tuition Directories
  6. Be a Part of Local Events


You are asking the right questions – here are 6 easy and cost-effective ways every tutor can promote their tutoring business and easily attract more students - 

  1. Get An Online Presence

Do you know: around 50% of the total number of tutors and teachers in India are already promoting themselves online. 

According to a report by KPMG, the online tutoring market in India is set to touch $1.96 billion by 2021.

One of the easiest ways to market yourself as a tutor/teacher is to establish your online presence.


Technology is the bridge between students and teachers - if you want to grow your coaching classes, you must be a part of the online world as a tutor.


Not sure where to start? Follow these 3 basic steps:

  1. Create your Facebook profile
  2. List your coaching institute/tuition centre on Google My Business
  3. Create your free profile with MillionCenters where students are searching for tutors and teachers


Want to know more ways to promote your tuition business online?

Keep on reading.

  1. Advertise Via Word-Of-Mouth

When it comes to the matter of education and coaching, parents usually rely on word-of-mouth feedback to find the right tutor/teacher for their children.


If you want to promote a coaching institute or tuition classes in India, it’s time to utilize the power of word-of-mouth advertising.


Word-of-mouth advertising is when an existing student of yours will tell other students or parents about you.


Word-of-mouth advertising helps in building trust and confidence. Thus, it will attract more students towards you.


However, if you are a new tutor/teacher, this method won’t work for you as you probably do not have enough students who can do word-of-mouth promotion for you.


Don’t worry – there are still more ways for promoting your tutoring business and reach more students. 


  1. Get A Website



Many tutors and teachers think they don’t need a website – after all, they are already using pamphlets and brochures to advertise their services.


The truth is – nobody cares about what is written on a piece of paper.


Both students and parents are using technology and online to learn about teachers, find reviews, collect feedback and information before making a decision.


Would you want to let go of the huge pool of opportunity that exists in the online world? No teacher would want to miss out on growth! 


The world is online and so are the opportunities for growth and success.


Having your own website is the easiest way to tell people about your skills, teaching experiences, class timings, skills and knowledge.


When it comes to having your own website, there are 2 options you can choose –

  1. Create one yourself and spend a lot of time and money in website hosting, maintenance, security and designing.


  1. Join MillionCenters and use our online promotion packs to get your own website that works well, looks beautiful and promotes your tuition business easily.


If you want to save time, money and efforts – option 2 will suit your plans for advertising your tuition centre with a website.


With MillionCenters, you get the benefit of social media promotion and secure cloud software solutions at no extra cost!


Click here to find out how you can get your own website at easy monthly instalments


  1. Use Social Media For Promotion

Friends on social media

10 years ago, the only way to find a tutor/teacher was to search through a local directory or ‘yellow pages’.


Today, students are using social media platforms and online communities like – FacebookInstagram and Quora to find a suitable tutor to match their needs.


Be it any business, nowadays, social media has become an essential part of promoting and advertising.


So, if you are searching for advertising and marketing ideas for coaching classes – start by joining social media platforms to tell people about what you have to offer.


Social media is simple: the more active you are on social media, the more will be your engagement and higher will be the chances of people who will get to know about you.


Here are the most popular social media platforms which tutors are using to attract students for coaching –

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter
  6. Quora

 These Social media platforms also offer an opportunity of promoting yourself with digital ads through advertisement for tuition classes. Each of these social media platforms are tools which help your define your target audience based on some of the criteria like

  • Age group
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Job profile etc

Therefore, if you have planned budget for doing digital advertisements, on any of these platforms, you can create business manager profile and start advertising tuition classes as for growth, as you cannot just rely on Word of Mouth advertising.


  1. Join Tutor Directories

Joining local directories in your area/city is another marketing idea for tutors and teachers.


If you are interested to be found by parents and students, you should join local directories to create awareness.


Remember - you can only sell your services when you can show your services. To showcase your services, joining tutor directories is a good idea. 


You can start with MillionCenters - a platform and online directory for tutors and teachers in India who want to reach more students. 


Joining an online tutoring platform will increase your chances to attract more students.


Plus, you can also promote your tuition center listing with us to gain attention and advertise your services effectively.


Don’t worry if you are not sure where to start. We are here to help! 


More than 50,000+ tutors have already registered with MillionCenters.


Whether you are a tuition teacher or a hobby teacher – it is free to create your profile so join us now.


  1. Be A Part Of Local Events

Networking is a great way to stand out from the crowd.


No matter what you are teaching – there are always events and meet-ups that you can be a part of to promote your tuition business in India.


The key to networking successfully is to always give value and share your experiences and insights with others.


Joining events will help you understand the market and also gain insights on how other teachers are marketing their teaching business.


Don’t try to sell your services immediately – start by joining events, seminars and meet-ups for tutors and teachers in your city.


Once you have confidence, you can start organizing events yourself to advertise your tuition center or coaching institute.


A smart teacher knows the value of networking – if you are a tutor ready to promote your coaching institute, it’s must to take part where the action is.


In Conclusion

 To help you advertise tuition business and grow your coaching classes, try these 6 ways for Tuition centre advertisement, and is not just applicable for Tuitions, but applicable for carrying out Gym advertisements, Fitness centre advertisement or your online Yoga classes.