6 Creative Hobby Ideas to Try (To Make the Most of your Free Time)

6 Creative Hobby Ideas to Try (To Make the Most of your Free Time)

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 28/02/2018

“There is never enough time to enjoy what you love”

Do you remember the time when social media and technology were not the only options available to enjoy your free time?

Be it singing, dancing, writing or simply playing, hobbies were easily born in yesteryear days and often continued as a lifelong interest for creative people. Who knew the little boy who was fond of collecting stones will grow up to become an archaeologist? Or the girl next door who enjoyed playing in the sun would turn into a sports sensation!

From the intellectual and creative benefits to the educational ones, the benefits of having a hobby in life are immense. Whether you are a child, a teen or even an adult, if you find something that interests you, there is no better time to start practicing and following it daily.

To help you get started with creative hobbies that you will love to try out at least once, we have put together a list of our 6 creative hobbies below –

#1 – Sudoku

Pencil lying on a sudoku grid

The ancient art of solving logic-based number puzzles, Sudoku is one of the best mind-intensive hobbies that you can try. It is as challenging as it is engaging and anyone can easily start as learning Sudoku literally costs nothing! The benefits of Sudoku as a hobby are numerous – it will help you stay agile and keep your mind alert. Plus, solving puzzles will also give you better mental strength and strategizing ability.

Did you know playing Sudoku can cut down on the risk of old-age mental ailments like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease too? Now, that’s a healthy and fun hobby you’ll love to start with!


#2 – Origami

Set of origami paper art; paintbrush; watercolor and straw on orange backdrop

Searching for unique hobby ideas? Origami is an interesting and super fun hobby for beginners who want to spend their leisure time creatively. The art of ‘folding paper’ to transform into different shapes and objects, it is one of the ancient art forms and is a perfect hobby for kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a simple yet creative hobby to learn, all you need is a paper and you can learn and practice Origami as a hobby.

Whether you are looking to impress someone or grab attention, the hobby of Origami is a perfect art and craft hobby to try in your leisure time or lazy days!

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#3 – Reading

Lovely asian young lady portriat - happy woman lifestyle concept

This one is obvious - Reading not only helps you become a better person, learner and thinker but is also a fun hobby to indulge in your leisure time. Numerous studies have found that people who are into reading are able to express themselves better, have a well-rounded worldview and in general conveys an imaginative and innovative mindset. Be it fiction, drama, mystery or self-help, reading is a perfect hobby that is fun, inexpensive and engaging at the same time.

A good-sized book will provide you with many hours of entertainment, knowledge and sometimes enlightenment. Can you say that for social media? Guess not!


#4  – Calligraphy

Handwritten lettering alphabet font typography

In the digital era of today, Calligraphy is a lost art. Basically, it is an artistic form of writing which has been a popular hobby for kids and adults since years. Convenient to learn and easy to practice, Calligraphy as a hobby is a fun-filling and you can use it as a medium of expressing your creativity through beautiful words. A hobby for everyone, Calligraphy is a pleasant and skilful way to spend your leisure time and indulge in a hobby that costs nothing but time and patience.

All you will need is Calligraphy pen and a paper to start. Once you learn the basics of Calligraphy, you will soon start weaving magic with your unique handwriting anytime, anywhere! Learn Calligraphy here.


#5 – Music

Art instruments music on colorful blackboard

Learning to play a musical instrument is not only fun and engaging but also therapeutic and relaxing. Music as a hobby is the perfect gateway for kids and adults looking to spend their free time creatively. Whether you want to learn guitar or play the piano, pick any musical instrument you like and they’ll all help you get better at coordination, rhythms, self-control and discipline. Not to forget, playing a musical instrument is super creative too.

There are surprising benefits of learning music as a hobby - it helps you keep your mind agile, mood pleasant and boost your immune system!


#6 – Quilling

Quilling paper on a pink background. quilling board and tools, top view

The art of using paper strips to create decorative designs and patterns, Quilling or Paper Filigree is a unique and fun hobby to learn for both kids as well as adults. An inexpensive investment, if you are inclined towards craft hobbies; Quilling is the perfect hobby to get started with! It is easy to learn as the techniques are simple for beginners and once you are confident, you can also upgrade to advanced level quilling to satisfy your creative pursuits with paper Quilling tools and supplies.

Be it decorating for festivals or simply enjoying your leisure time, you can make creative designs and beautiful handmade objects with Quilling as a hobby!

We hope you liked reading our list of creative hobby ideas to try in your leisure time. Having a hobby is one of the most fulfilling and joyful aspects of life. If you have always been craving a bit of ‘creative time’ for yourself, there’s no better time to pick a hobby than now.

After all, only when we are learning in life, we are truly living the life! Search for hobby classes near you and discover the joy of learning today.


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