5 Ways To Prepare Yourself as a Teacher during COVID 19

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself as a Teacher during COVID 19

  • 24/03/2020

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself as a Teacher during COVID-19



We were not prepared for this.


The Coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. And in these tough times, it can be difficult for teachers who teach in physical environments like - schools, colleges, tuition centers, coaching academies, etc.


If you are a teacher or trainer or know someone who is, it’s a good time to learn and share how to prepare yourself for the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.


You must have seen Google’s Do-The-Five for the safety of your health, now it’s time to know how to Do-The-Five things during these times for the best interest of your profession, career or passion for teaching.


We have listed 5 ways to stay afloat, even in the times when social distancing is the norm to be followed for everyone’s safety and well-being.



Tip #1: Reflect On Your Profession


Teaching is a noble profession and it demands consistency, clarity and control over how you present yourself as a professional.


Since you must be following social distancing, you have enough time to reflect on your career with honesty and earnesty.


Here are some questions to ask and answer that should guide you:


  • How am I perceived among my students, parents and teaching/trainer community?
  • How am I helping my students achieve success in their career, learning, fitness goals?
  • How can I promote myself as a teacher/trainer and attract more students?




Reflecting back on your past journey will give you new ideas on how to shape your future one.


Tip #2: Build Your Online Presence


Teachers are busy, and we all know that. If you’re a teacher who could never spare enough time to build an online identity, now is the time.


All you need is to register yourself as a teacher among a leading online platform for tutors, teachers and start from there.


If your goal is to attract more students to your lessons, there’s no better time than now to start working on your personal brand. Simply put, if you’re not online, you’re already missing out on teaching opportunities.


No matter what subject you teach or what domain you teach in, anyone and everyone can connect with students and learners in the online community.


So, get online and invest this time in building your online presence through social media, online communities, etc.


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Tip #3: Explore Online Teaching


Video conferencing tools and remote work technology is helping people stay connected. Teachers too can leverage technology solutions to start with online teaching.


Powerful (and free) tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom and others can help you set up a virtual teaching environment in no time.


You just need a reliable internet connection and a computer to get started.


Think about this - the Coronavirus pandemic is a good time to help out your existing students get more out of your lessons. Plus, it’s a noble way to extend your skills to the society as well.  Also get connected to the students and other teaching community members on the Millioncenters App Android | IOS


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Tip #4: Invest In Your Website


It’s easy to think during such times - “I need to save more than I spend”, and while this makes perfect logical sense, you must also consider the long picture.


As a teacher, you should be working on promoting your classes, tuition center or coaching academy - that’s the best way teachers generate leads and attract students.


That costs you money and time. So, why not invest both in establishing a website?


A website for tutors works as an online showcase where students and parents can find you, learn more about you and ultimately, connect with you.


Make use of this indoor time, and get going on starting your website. It’s not as complicated as you think, but it’s certainly much more valuable than you think!


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Tip #5: Stay Positive


This is less of a tip, but more of a reminder. It’s easy to panic, especially when we’re all facing a threat never seen before.


Teachers are role models for students - and if teachers can stay positive, informed and aware in the times of virus outbreak, their students too shall learn from them.


Whether you teach - English, Maths, Commerce, Hobby or any sort of subject, if you are a teacher, it’s a moral responsibility on your part to set the right example, for your student as well as the society.


We at MillionCenters are all about promoting the teacher-student community and thus, we urge you to follow the best practices as listed by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Staying positive will help us all observe the right safety and precautionary measures. It’s in the best interest for all of us as a society, country and community.






So, keep calm, stay safe and work on the tips and suggestions we have listed for teachers who want to grow and stay prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Do you have any suggestions on how you are tackling this challenge as a teacher? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below.



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