5 Ways to KickStart New Habits

5 Ways to KickStart New Habits

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 26/11/2016

We are creatures of our habits.

So you want to change something about you?
Interested in breaking bad habits? Do you wish to make changes to your career, fitness, work habits or any other aspects of your life?

The simplest part about a habit is, starting it.

To quote Aristotle : "Excellence is not an act, it's a habit."

The tough part actually is sticking to a habit. Eliminating the old cycle our body has comforted to and creating new ones is a difficult task for most.

We've all been there. Tried and failed. Tried again and failed again. Feel like you are stuck in a never ending rut of sticking to the old habits only? Often end up taking the easy route again?


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If the answer is a yes, here we are sharing how to kick start a healthy habit when you've gotten off track, with these 5 ways you can jumpstart a new habit (and stick to it).

1) Create a Personal Starting Ritual:

Be it getting fit or waking up early if you have decided on a new habit to follow, create a strict schedule around it. Allocate it time out of your 24 hours every day. It doesn't matter if you do it for 5 minutes or hours, do it regularly. Remember, you have to do it on the days you don't feel like doing it!

2) Plan Ahead:

So a day or two has passed and you have so far stuck to your new habit. Before you move ahead and (actually get back to your old routine soon), stop. Plan how will you execute the next day(s) for building this habit? This will force you to create behavior chains of doing something new every day as per your plan.

3) Prepare Yourself for Macro Goals:

More often than not, we as humans tend to focus on achieving bigger goals in a short amount of time, however ambitious it might sound, this is actually a sure way to fail yourself sooner than ever. Instead, you should divide your aim into small, 'macro' goals and focus on achieving them as you move towards your ultimate target.


4) Evaluate your Progress:

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When you sit down to analyze and evaluate how far you have come, you will learn to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Evaluating your progress as you create a new habit is a psychological way of allowing your mind to get back on track and eliminate anxiety.

5) Reward Yourself:

Lost pounds? Reward yourself! Completed two more laps? Reward yourself! It is proven that once we reward ourselves after achieving macro goals, our brain released endorphins (a happy chemical) which motivate us to work harder towards our aim. While on the journey of being a better you, don't forget to pat your back every now and then!

Although there are many more ways to build a new habit and turn it into a second nature, the 5 point strategy of CREATE, PLAN, PREPARE, EVALUATE and REWARD will get you into the groove and will keep you there until you reach your goal(s).

Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time to Reach Your Goal!


Work a little harder, reinforce how a new habit will change your life for the better and follow these five tips for creating a winning habit sooner than you think!

Anything on your mind? Do share your comments below!


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