5 Ways to Be Positive And Happy During COVID19

5 Ways to Be Positive And Happy During COVID19

  • 26/04/2020

5 Ways to Be Positive And Happy During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. From its humble beginnings at an animal market in Wuhan in December 2019, it has now gone on to spread in more than 160 countries, acquiring the status of a pandemic in the process. So, with all the hue and cry going on all around the world and with entire states shutting down for days, the question arises, “How do we stay positive and Happy during COVID-19?”

So, here are 5 ways you can make sure that you not only survive the COVID-19 but thrive in it:

  1. Act more Rational, Not Emotional.

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While the vast majority of the world population is going crazy over this non-humane form of destruction, there is a dire need for individuals who can bring about a sense of equanimity and security. It’s time that you become that individual.

So, here are a few steps you can follow to become an agent of positive change:

  • Only trust and discern news from verified sources( and turn off the news channels). The Novel Coronavirus is potent enough on its own, don’t make it worse by adding the constant negativity.
  • Don’t preach. Make people around you understand the rationale behind the precautionary steps to be taken.
  • Wash your hands religiously and regularly. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  • Practice self-isolation while you are still non-infected. Don’t wait to get infected and then quarantined eventually.
  • Don’t hoard sanitizers and face masks, leave them for the medical professionals that need them far more than you do.



2.     Foster Your Relationships

True happiness often lies in the smaller things.

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With the constant humdrum of our professional life galloping and depleting most of our energy and time, our relationships suffer awfully. You can leverage this time off work to foster meaningful relationships in your life.

No, we are not talking about DM-ing people on WhatsApp or Instagram. Neither are we recommending in-person contact (unless, of course, you want to put yourself and your loved ones at risk).  So, pick up your phone and call your parents (or any of your loved ones) and chat away like the pre-internet times.




3.     Learn A New Skill


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We understand that saving the world by sitting at your home is not something that you get to do often. Hence, it’s totally reasonable if you are satisfied with doing just that. But, as positive as the consequences of your actions are, we are afraid you can’t capitalize on it later in life. However, what you can capitalize on later is a new skill that you can learn in these times of idleness. Learn any skill you wish to ––  singing, dancing, playing the guitar, creative writing, advanced excel, machine learning. It can be something you wanted to learn for a long time.  Expand your horizon(and your CV) in any way you like.




4.   Make Reading a Daily Habit


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The whole world is in panic and, practically, not much can be done about it. The best we can do is to relax and focus on our mental well-being. And what better way is there to relax and unwind than reading?

From Benjamin Franklin to Mahatma Gandhi to Bill Gates, all of the people that have had a huge impact on the world, have one common habit in their arsenal. They read.

All things considered, there is enough evidence to support the claim that reading is the most important keystone habit that you should develop. So, if you are someone who wants to pick up this habit, this is your opportunity to get started. And, if you are someone who already reads, you can take this opportunity to indulge and devour as many books as you can.



5. Think Positive and   Be Mindful of Your Thoughts


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Lastly, considering the whole reason behind the worldwide frenzy and the lockdowns, it is fair to say that staying healthy, both physically and mentally, should be your first and foremost priority. Now, while physical health is easy to monitor and act upon(because it is visible), monitoring mental health is tough. And yet, mental health is the most important factor in our well being in the long run. Therefore, we must be mindful of the thoughts that enter in our mind.

So, instead of getting sad about the things we don't have control over, we must follow the Stoic approach of being nonchalant to pain and pleasure. We must find joy in the little things in life because ultimately it is the little things that matter. We must understand that happiness is a choice. Nothing in this whole wide world can fix you and make you happy and cheerful until you make up your mind to be cheerful. So, make a choice to be happy and riant in these grim circumstances and inspire others to do the same.


Now, go out there (actually don’t) and thrive in these times of chaos. Be safe. Be healthy. Be responsible.


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