5 Smartphone Apps to Boost your Mobile Photography Game

5 Smartphone Apps to Boost your Mobile Photography Game

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 22/11/2016

Point. Shoot. Share.

Done? Wait!

Whether you wish to capture a perfect moment or a not-so-perfect selfie, mobile cameras have changed photography for ever; giving high priced cameras are run for their money.

Since most of us (sorry, all of us) carry our smart phone everywhere we go, making the best use of the phone camera by using a wealth of photography and editing apps is no rocket science.

Although both Apple and Google are taking their stock camera apps to better levels, they still lack a ton of useful (read better) features which makes these third-party apps a genuine improvement over the default one.

Here are 5 best mobile photography apps for android to improve your mobile photography game and click better pictures than before!

1) Google Camera:




If you have an android device, you can simply download this app to replace your stock camera app. The Google camera is a significant improvement with its intuitive design, lens blur feature, photosphere setting, panorama mode, fish-eye lens, and many other nifty modes. Plus it’s absolutely free which makes it a winner.


2) VSCO Cam:



They like to self-proclaim them as ‘The new standard in mobile photography’ and rightly so because VSCO cam offers a fine balance of form and functionality and has a loyal community of its own. With its minimal layout and tons of shooting and editing features onboard, it provides a user-friendly experience. Tons of customization, adjustments, effects, and modes make this an absolute must-have in your smart phone’s arsenal of useful apps.




3) A Better Camera:





A name that is self-explanatory, this app brings exciting photography features like ‘BestShot’ and ‘Object Removal’ which are useful when you need them the most. For shooting, you can tweak white balance, focus, manual exposure, HDR, and night mode. It is lightweight, fast, and consistent with the only trade-off being the fact that some of the features are ‘paid’ via in-app purchase.




4) ProCamera 8:





Another addition to our must-have mobile photography apps, ProCamera 8 is exclusively available for Apple users only. This app excels at taking robust control over exposure, lighting, and focus on your smart phone for better shots. You can also create slow-mo videos using a string of presets and handy settings such as ‘Vivid HDR’, manual controls, raw shots, and light reader all packed in a simple user interface.




5) Snapseed:





Okay. So you’ve taken good pictures and wish to tweak them with exciting filters and effects. Enter SnapSeed, a powerful photo editing app for iOS and Android which lets you edit your photos with tons of customizable tools and filters like healing, brush, structure, HDR, and Perspective. You can also open and tweak RAW images to adjust exposure and change colors. SnapSeed offers a plethora of photography tricks to ace your photos with filters like LensBlur, Tonal Contrast, and Glamour Glow amongst others.

Grab these smartphone photography apps and elevate your mobile photography notches higher than others. Whether you are looking to shoot, edit, or organize your pics, these apps will let you unleash creativity and fuel your photo life!

Have any other awesome mobile photography apps to share? Let us know in the comment section! Also share some good photo editing apps.



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