5 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Work

5 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Work

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 08/04/2017

Do you often feel grumpy and unproductive at work? Is feeling lethargic at work become a second nature to you? Worry not as most people admit and complain of feeling frustrated, tired and unproductive at work. Even though we are all used to sit for extended hours on our desk or table, in our hearts, we know that productivity happened for only a few hours of your everyday routine at work.

Having a healthy lifestyle at work is as important as living a healthy life at home. After all, you spend most of your daily time in your professional environment. If you are looking for simple hacks to speed up your productivity while working, here are three of our favourites ways to stay energized throughout your day!

#1Water Yourself Well

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Drinking enough water throughout your day will make sure your body gets oxygen to help you beat lethargy and laziness at work. Apart from flushing out the toxins from your system, a healthy intake of water while at work will ensure you are moving and working out your body muscles (by taking trips to the washroom). Instead of coping up with caffeine which is a dehydrating substance, replace your cup with water and feel the change.

#2 Clean and Clear

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Keeping your work environment or atleast your personal working space clean and clutter free is a great way to improve your productivity. Studies have proven that a clear working space leads to clarity in thoughts and reduced chances of errors. Plus, the cleaner your environment, the more motivated you will be to meet your professional goals.

#3Do Away with Distractions

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How often do you find yourself lost in the endless activity ofscrolling through your social media feed, only to find out that you have lost important time and missed deadlines?The more distractions, the lesser productivity. To improve your ability at work, make sure you fix intervals of time wherein you simply focus on the task at hand and keep your cellphone or browser at a safe distance from you.

#4Planning Makes Perfect

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We have all heard the phrase – ‘It’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart. The same goes for your daily dose of productivity too. Once you reach work, take some minutes out and list down your tasks for the day. Choose three most important tasks(from the most difficult to the simplest ones) and don’t procrastinate. Prioritize what’s important and you will achieve a lot more than you think.

#5Have a Break

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Numerous studies have proven that our mind has a short attention span and working for prolonged durations actually leads to decreased productivity and increased mental strain. So, while you’re at work take a short break every 2-3 hours to regain your concentration and focus better. Get up, go for a stroll, talk to a co-worker or better yet, meditate in silence.

Use these five simple tips to boost your work output and productivity and lead a successful professional as well as personal life! Start small and try to implement a handful of habits to see visible results and feel motivated. Once you have them down as second nature, work will be more fun!

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