5 Reasons you should learn Photography as a Hobby

5 Reasons you should learn Photography as a Hobby

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 20/02/2017

Photography is amazing !

From capturing simple moments to shooting intense scenes, learning photography is an art as well as profession in the modern times we live in. Thanks to smartphones, everyone has a camera at their fingertips but not everyone is a professional photographer!

Everyone sees things differently and thus photography is a brilliant story-telling medium. The best part about learning photography : anyone and everyone can learn it at any stage or age in life!

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So, whether you are an amateur or a budding photographer here are 5 reasons you must learn Photography as a hobby (and grow it into a profession if you fancy) :


1) Photography lets you be in the moment


The art of capturing the essence of a scenery, an expression, an emotion or a visual, photography is all about keeping an eye open and always look for the 'perfect' shot in a moment. If you take up photography as a hobby, there will never be a dull moment in your life again!


2) Photography gives you a perspective :

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Basically, photography is all about sharing your vision with the world through the medium of your pictures. Whether you are pursuing it casually or professionally, learning photography is about taking a better look at the world around you and speaking your inner mind through the lens of your camera!


3) Photography gets you to travel :


This one is our personal favourite, every photographer whether casual or professional, is always on the hunt for new places and fresh perspectives for their art. With your camera, you can explore the unknown and enjoy the simple beauty of photography while travelling!


4) Gives you permanent memories :

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A photo is nothing but a moment captured in eternity. If you pursue photography as a hobby or passion, you can master the art of capturing the simple yet brilliant moments in everyday lives and keep them where they belong : close to your heart!


5) Photography is a creative outlet :

The purpose of art is to wash away the dust of our everyday lives : photography as a hobby will allow you to think, act and feel creatively. It is a simple process and will expose you to different techniques of creating something of your own and call it art!

Thus, there is so much more to Photography than just cameras and images, before everything else, learning photography will help you to express your individuality and self-belief. Once you pursue photography as a hobby, you will learn to appreciate the little things in everyday life and that's a good thing!

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