5 Reasons Why Classroom Learning Still Works

5 Reasons Why Classroom Learning Still Works

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 27/09/2017

Remember when we were little kids and hated leaving the comfort of our homes and going to school every day? On the other hand, remember the time when you had to leave school and you didn't want to because you loved to be there with your friends?

Soon, things changed and the era of online learning dawned upon us. Gone are the days when students used to wait for teachers to start with a subject, learning nowadays, is literally just a few clicks away and this transition from classroom learning to e-learning has ultimately helped thousands of students to get started with the amazing journey of learning something new in life.

However, somewhere between this transition we realized that classroom learning is the most fun way of gaining knowledge. Although each method of learning offers its own merits and demerits, yet classroom learning continues to stress on the need for a human interaction and a personal touch that is missing in e-learning.

If you still aren’t convinced about the relevancy and importance of classroom learning in the current times, we present 5 reasons why classroom learning still works -

1. Competitive Environment

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When there is competition, a healthy competition between your peers, it encourages you to learn more and more. Fun competitions such as debates and tournaments add to the excitement of seeing who gets to take the bid medal home, encouraging you to gain more knowledge in the process.

2. Teacher Student Interaction

Teachers nurture the hidden talents in you. They motivate you to always do better and keep pushing you beyond your limits while personally paying attention to your weaknesses. This helps you learn better and remember the fundamentals for longer as compared to e-learning where you are basically interacting with a screen. Plus, the biggest advantage of classroom learning is the fact that if you have any doubts or queries, you can easily ask your tutor and get on-the-spot assistance for your questions.

3. Exchange of Ideas

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In between the times of cracking lame jokes and laughing and talking in class, you also get to discuss and exchange ideas about various subjects. This makes you understand things from so many perspectives which you wouldn't have, had it been just a self-learning process! When you learn in the presence of fellow students, the mind becomes more receptive to new ideas and different perspectives, which eventually, aid the process of learning for your own good.

4. Scheduled Learning

Classrooms schedule study, schedule your syllabus and even schedule the break time for you. While all of this might seem a little too much control initially, scheduled learning has its advantages too. Studies have proven that when we bind ourselves in a fixed schedule, our mind tends to absorb and assimilate information better than learning in an unorganized manner.

5. Fun Activities

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Classroom learning involves not just learning through books and texts but various activities that involve practical application that will make you remember better and have fun while learning. It could be a group task or a team project, classroom learning is always advantageous as it helps you to relax and unwind with social activities and engaging tasks.

As stated above, classroom learning still has an edge over online learning. The entire learning experience simply enhances when you learn under the mentorship, guidance and motivation of a teacher or an instructor. Plus, the joy of learning is experienced most when you have like-minded students or fellow classmates to share your achievements, failures and ideas with!

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