5 Reasons how Technology can help Tutors, Teachers and Coaching institutes to promote and grow

5 Reasons how Technology can help Tutors, Teachers and Coaching institutes to promote and grow

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 28/03/2019

Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers will be transformational

Today, we would like to discuss our thoughts on how technology is the ultimate leverage for every tutor, teacher and coaching institute who wants to attract more students.

Have you set up a new tuition business in India or maybe you are an established coaching institute ready to advertise your coaching classes to students?

In both the cases – technology can help you gain multiple advantages in your goal of growing your teaching income.

Here are 5 reasons why using technology is a must for private tutors, teachers and coaching institutes who want to grow -



#1 Technology grows your reach

If you think about it – there are more than a dozen tuition teachers/trainers around your area.

Everyone is trying to promote their classes and attract more students towards them.

This is where technology can help you grow your reach – technology tools can remove physical barriers and take your lessons to anyone anywhere.

The smart phone is the greatest portable tool ever invented. If you are reading this, probably you are using one already.

Imagine if a student wanted to learn from you but he/she doesn’t speak the local language you speak – by using a translation app/tool, you can easily remove the language barrier and take your lessons to that student.

No matter how far a student/learner is sitting, using a mobile app for tutors, you can open up new opportunities to take your lessons to more people.


#2 Technology allows you to advertise smartly

We have discussed this before - distributing pamphlets and visiting cards to promote your coaching classes isn’t effective anymore.

In comparison, there are many smarter ways to advertise as a tutor or promote your coaching business in India.

Technology is at the centre of modern-day advertising. It is what drives both marketing and advertising for tutors, trainers and coaching institutes.

From social media platforms like Facebook to search engine platforms like Google, tutors who want to advertise their lessons have to rely on technology based tools and platforms.

Students are using social apps like Facebook and searching for tutors on Google – if you are not using technology, you are missing out on growth.

You can create your own page on Facebook and use it to create awareness about your lessons.

Also, you can run ads on Google to enable students to reach and contact you directly.

In fact, a recent study reported the role of online platforms in India’s changing education industry is massive, making it grow at 35% every year.

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#3 Technology saves you time

Teacher-student interaction is an important part of the teaching process.

Be it sending class updates or answering doubts and queries - every teacher has to interact with their students multiple times in a day/week/month.

With technology, the time required to communicate can be greatly reduced.

By using technology, for example with a mobile app for tutors, every teacher can send multiple communications automatically, in one go.

Anyone who teaches hundreds of students – this feature alone can save you a lot of time and energy.

In addition to communicating with students, technology can also help teachers in

  1. Tracking student performance
  2. Assessing and evaluating exam reports
  3. Marking attendance
  4. Setting reminders for important events

and much more. Isn’t that wonderful?

Thanks to technology, every tutor can easily automate the repetitive and important tasks to focus on teaching.


#4 Technology saves you money

For tutors and coaching centers who want to market themselves and attract students, having a separate monthly budget for advertising is important.

Simply put – if you are not advertising yourself, some other tutor/teacher will grab your share of pie.

Thankfully, technology again comes to your rescue.

MillionCenters is a technology based online platform helping tutors, teachers and coaching institutes to promote themselves easily (and smartly).

Tutors don’t need to have a separate marketing budget for – social media, search engine optimization, online promotion etc.

With our technology driven platform and software tools, you can establish a unique online presence and get promoted by us.

Learn how MillionCenters can help you online and grow your reach


#5 Technology prepares you for the future

Tutors and students are already using technology to discover and connect with each other.

The trend has picked up and it will continue to define how tutors attract more students to grow their business.

Advanced technologies like – AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are already transforming classrooms and bringing lessons into the hands of millions of students.

Smart tutors will attract students with technology. Slow tutors will be forced to retire or change profession.

Are you still waiting to embrace technology and harness its power?

If you don’t want to miss out – start using the power of technology now and be prepared for the future.

For tutors and teachers who want to evolve and get more leads in future, now is the time to start using technology tools, apps, software.

If you want to start – here is an app that can help you manage and grow their teaching business smartly.


Over To You


We hope this post would have communicated successfully to you the advantages of using technology to grow and promote your tuition business.

Technology will continue to improve tutoring and thus, you must make the most of it!

If you are ready to grow your teaching business – you can join us as a teacher/coaching institute and take the first step in building your online identity.

Have any questions?

Drop your queries below and our team will guide you on how to use our technology based platform to promote yourself as a tutor and attract students.



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