5 Interesting Running Facts and Benefits You Should Know

5 Interesting Running Facts and Benefits You Should Know

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 26/10/2017

Now, this is going to raise some eyebrows!

Running, as we all know, is a simple and effective healthy habit. Seems like it’s also an interesting one.

Did you know that simply running for 10 minutes daily can help you burn more than 100 calories?

What if we tell you that the oldest marathon runner in the world had no experience of running till the age of 89! Even the youngest marathon runner in the world had completed 48 marathons before his fifth birthday!

Pretty run-tastic facts, aren’t they?

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If you are still curious, we have complied 5 amazing facts about running you must know –

#1 – Running everyday will help you to become more attractive to the opposite sex! No, we’re not kidding! According to a study by University of Arkansas, by running daily, 60% of the men and 40% of the women start feeling more attractive, confident and conscious of their appearance and personality.

#2 – Running for a regular period of time will not only boost your stamina and burn calories but also help you get stronger bones. Studies have shown that by running 15-20 minutes daily, you can significantly boost your bone strength and mineral density.

#3 – Ever tried to run backwards only to fall flat on the ground? Well, a German man holds the world record in running a marathon ‘backwards’. Yes, he finished the run in a time span of 3 hours!

#4 – Investing in a good pair of expensive running shoes? Don’t! A Swiss study has proved that people who wore cheaper, less-expensive running shoes were less likely to suffer injuries while running as compared to those who wear advanced running shoes with extra cushioning and features in them.

#5 – Listening to your favourite music while running can boost your stamina and performance by up to 15%.  Also, it has been shown by studies that listening to music after completing a run can boost recovery and stamina quickly. Don’t forget to take your ear buds with you on your next run!

This was all about facts and interesting studies related to running.

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If you have managed to read till here, we have also compiled five amazing benefits of running everyday you should know –

#1 Relieve your Stress

Do you often feel stressed? In that case, running could certainly help you. When you run, you focus on your breath instead of emotions. Running is the best way to divert your mind and mood. You don’t believe me, run yourself and discover it! Running also decreases your chances of developing nerve related disorders and mental conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

#2 Improve your Confidence

Who says running only comes with physical benefits? Running may also provide an apparent boost to your self-esteem. Since it provides you enough time for yourself, running daily also improves your posture which is directly associated with your self-confidence.

#3 Maintain Your Weight

Now this doesn’t need an explanation, does it? Running is considered to be the best exercises that drop weight as well as tones up your body perfectly. Since running helps in burning calories, it helps in maintaining a steady weight.

#4 Increase Your Metabolism

Doctors and Fitness Practitioners say that if you want to lose weight, then the early morning run is the best method to cut the flab. Running every day early in the morning pumps the metabolism allowing you to kill more and more calories while you run.

#5 Help Your Health

Running increases your immunity, it also diverts your mind from the negative thoughts and increases your metabolism. Studies have shown that running is an amazing workout for improving your overall health. Slow or fast, running daily can add years to your life cycle, cut your risk of heart diseases and make you feel happier in life.

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So, what are you waiting for? We hope you would have dusted off your running shoes by now! If you haven’t already, start today as running is a complete exercise which has many benefits, both in the shorter and longer run (pun intended).  

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