5 Incredibly Useful Creative Skills you can Learn this Year

5 Incredibly Useful Creative Skills you can Learn this Year

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 28/06/2018

Are you a creative soul searching for new skills to learn? For those who want to strike the perfect balance between work and play, having a creative hobby or pursuit in life is immensely rewarding. 

Whether you are an analyst during the day or a salesperson with a plan, pursuing a creative skill will not only make your life more fulfilling, if pursued with passion, can also help you earn more!

There are numerous studies that have proven the benefits of hobbies for your career and if you're all set to start learning, here is a guide 5 incredibly creative (and rewarding) skills you can learn this year. 

We understand that not everyone has the same motivation or interest to learn something new. That's why these useful creative skills have been compiled to offer a broad range of activities that anyone can learn (irrespective of their background or interests). 

Ready to start your learning journey? Check out the 5 creative skills you can learn this year -

#1 Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing concept with online advertising and media symbols flat

The world around us is increasingly becoming more social, thanks to the peak growth in social media users. The trend is only going to increase in the coming years and that's precisely where learning about different social media channels and how to market on them is a great skill. From telling engaging stories to creating content that goes viral, social media is everywhere. Period. 

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube - every social media platform has its own set of rules to be learned and played upon. Luckily, there are specific social media marketing courses available for each (or all) of them. To get a hands-on feel on how social media marketing works, you can start by creating your fan page accounts or by helping out a local business. 

If you are completely new to the world of marketing via social media, you can pick up numerous free online resources for learning social media marketing. Better yet, you can sign up for social media marketing classes and training workshops near you and start learning from professionals. With consistent practice and basic knowledge, you can easily learn and master this creative skill. 

#2 Copywriting

Magnifier glass over the red inscription copywriting cut out of paper. surrounded by other inscriptions on a dark background. word cloud concept.

Advertising has been a major force in the world since 19th century and it continues to be a highly sought after field of creative professionals. Even if you don't have a bachelors or masters degree in advertising or journalism, there's nothing to stop you from taking first steps into this industry. Whether you jump into copywriting full-time or start as a freelancer, there are numerous online guides to get you started from scratch. 

You can pick up copywriting as a creative skill that will allow you to write promotional text, slogans and ad copy for billboards, websites, brochures and company catalogues. Essentially, a copywriter with significant experience can easily earn an annual income of 25 to 35$ per hour so that's a good way to earn extra bucks during your free time!

Copywriting is a rewarding skills, thanks to the immense creative satisfaction one gets after creating an impactful advertisement that reaches millions. Writing powerful, compelling and creative ad copy that sells is an art and you can easily sign up for professional copywriting courses online to get started. 

#3 Coding

Pair programming concept illustration

Technology is at the heart of everything we do - from booking cabs online to shopping for products from our mobile phone. Generally, coding (or programming) is considered a non-creative skill reserved only for geeks and nerds. However, the reality shows that learning to code forces our brain to think logically and creatively. 

One of the most important job skills of the future, coding is a creative skill that requires finding solutions to problems with the help of programming languages. If you're totally new to the world of coding, there are numerous online courses to learn coding from scratch. If you're someone who likes to learn from a  real teacher, you can also sign up for weekend computer programming courses near you. 

Technical or non-technical, anyone can learn to code by sparing only a couple of hours in a day/week. Will you pick up this creative skill?

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#4 Pottery

Jug rotating

If you think pottery as a hobby is only good for filling your life with creativity, think again! In addition to being an amazing creative outlet, learning pottery can also be financially rewarding in life. A lot of hobby potters dream of making their own pottery studio and sell their ceramic craft to people. 

Learning the clay craft is definitely a fun thing to do in your free time, but what if you could also turn your hobby of pottery into a profession? If you think that making your passion your paycheck is only for the lucky few, it's time to let go of your doubts and start learning pottery as a creative skill. 

Once you learn the basics of pottery (the techniques, equipment and styles)to start moulding your own hand-made products, setting up a professional pottery studio is the next step. Don't worry, there are numerous pottery courses online and DIY guides that'll help you get there! 

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#5 Photography

Photographer sketch portrait

An art form based on visual storytelling, photography has emerged as a creative skill perfect for people of different age groups, interests and perspectives. An incredibly satisfying and rewarding creative hobby, learning photography will help you capture beautiful moments through the lens of your camera. 

To take things a notch higher, you can also create your own photography page, blog or an online portfolio. Demand for product photography, travel photography and stock photography is on the rise and the photography market is booming with opportunities. Thanks to the surge in mobile photography, anyone with a smart phone can easily hone their picture taking skills today. 

If you're new to photography, there are numerous photography blogs and online courses to get you started. To make learning more fun and inclusive, you can also sign up for professional photography classes near you

From wildlife to portrait, photography has undergone a massive revival, making it one of the top creative skills to learn this year. 

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Final Thoughts

They say there's never a wrong time to learn a right thing. Now is the time to pick up a new hobby or creative skill and make the most of your time. Whether you sign up for an online course or join a tutor near you, learning something new can maximize your potential, happiness and creativity. 

It might be tough to start but the moment you start making progress - you'll thank yourself for starting up! 

No matter how small you go, how much time you take to learn a new skill, at the end of the day, if you're learning something new, you're improving and growing in life every day. 

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