5 Hobbies that will help you become a Healthier you!

5 Hobbies that will help you become a Healthier you!

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 12/09/2017

If you think hobbies are for fun or recreational purposes only, think again!

Just as hobbies help us stay creative, meet like-minded people and recharge ourselves from the mundane nature of our daily lives, hobbies can also help us become healthier and fitter!

Wondering how?

Hobbies are proven to add several health benefits to your mind, body and soul. Studies have found out that people who pursued a hobby regularly were at lower risk of developing chronic diseases like hypertension, obesity and dementia as well as they displayed better cognitive skills, mental health and life satisfaction.

If you are tired of binge watching television or endlessly scrolling down your social feeds, it’s time to pick a hobby in life.

So, whether you want to lose weight, get in shape or simply stay active and fit in life, there are numerous hobbies that will get you there. The key is to find the right one for you!

To help you with hobbies that will make you healthier, we have compiled this list of 5 healthy hobbies that will put back the vigour, vitality and vivaciousness back in your life -

1. Sports -


Indulging in sports during your leisure time is a perfect way to beat stress and improve your body movement, posture and overall fitness. Be it indoors or outdoors, sports is an activity that offers all-round physical, mental and emotional benefits. It will help you stay fit, agile and confident. Sports as a hobby teaches you to manage your time better, stay alert, engage with people and above all, have fun and stay alive in life.

Whether it’s golf, basketball, cricket or tennis, sports as a hobby is all you need for a healthy body and sound mind!


2. Dancing –


Dancing is not only a great stress buster but also an engaging and creative way to stay in shape and feel active in life. Be it Salsa, Contemporary, Freestyle or Ballet, dancing will help you burn those extra calories and unwanted stress from your work life. Plus, dancing has its own psychological and emotional benefits too. If you are planning to pick dance as a hobby in life, you have made the right choice as learning to dance is an amazing workout as well as an outlet to express yourself when alone, with a partner or for an audience.

Put on your dancing shoes and dance away to a healthier, fitter and better you today!

3. Puzzles –


A sound mind is equally important as a healthy body as just like every other muscle in our body, our brain also needs to workout to stay sharp. By choosing creative crosswords, mind puzzles and quizzes, you allow your mind to break from the repetition of daily life and engage in newer, enriching experiences. This is not only a great way to de-stress and keep your mental prowess on top, it also helps you to stay in the moment and enjoy a sense of well-being away from the constant glare of a screen.

Pick a mind engaging hobby or learn a language and add years to your mental and emotional health and wellness!


4. Art and Craft –


Be it learning a musical instrument or trying your hand at cooking or painting, art and craft has always been the perfect embodiment of having a passion in life. While everyone might not be lucky enough to make a living out of arts, yet all of us can include a hobby that helps us stay healthy and feel good. Whether you are cooking a simple dish from scratch or learning to play a song, the joy of learning a hobby is immensely satisfying and enriching. Art and Craft as a hobby provides mental and physical satisfaction as well as allow us to stay creative and enjoy life more.

So, break your routine with an art and craft course or classes. You can even start your own blog, store or channel!


5. Travelling –


In a world well connected, isn’t it ironic that travelling is still a luxury of time that only a privileged few can buy? Travelling is one of the most satisfactory and valuable hobbies one can have in life as it literally gets you to explore the world, meet people, try new cuisines, experience cultures and soak in the best of environment. Whether you like to travel solo or in a group, it is one of those activities that will fill your heart with memories and experiences worth a lifetime. Apart from the beautiful places you will get to see, travelling as a hobby will help your body to burn fat, stay active and build endurance.

Fitness or Fun, whatever be your reasons, travelling is an amazing healthy hobby to have in life!

Pick any of these healthy hobbies and be prepared to add more fitness, wellness and excitement in your routine. A hobby is anything that keeps you occupied for good and they can provide you a daily challenge to look upto and feel happy.

Still waiting to discover the joy of learning a hobby that helps you stay healthy? Start by exploring the best hobby classes and centers near you with MillonCenters.com today!


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