5 Hobbies Introverts Will Love to Learn

5 Hobbies Introverts Will Love to Learn

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 25/09/2017

For people who'd rather like to spend less time with people around them, hobbies are the perfect escape!

As introverts, you might find it challenging or uninspiring to engage in social activities or group gatherings, yet you can still have your share of fun (and learning) too! Sometimes, living in a society that almost expects you to be perfect and connected all the time can be tough, thankfully, a hobby can become an amazing medium to relax, unwind and simply connect with your own self.

Unlike extroverts, if you like to spend your time by your own company and in your own zone, hobbies can keep you engaged, involved and curious than before. Based on your personality and unique perspective, here are top 5 list of hobbies that introverts would love to learn in life –

1. Chess -

Hand of man playing chess for business planning and comparison of metaphor, selective focus

While chess involves at least two people, there's not much talking there which is why introverts love chess. Chess as a hobby can put you in the sporty zone without asking you to socialize or interact much with others. A game which focusses more on silent thinking than loud grunting, chess is a perfect hobby for introverts who have a thing for games and activities that keeps the mind engaged, agile and active.

2. Music -

Acoustic guitar playing

By learning a musical instrument, introverts can not only express themselves clearly and confidently but also enjoy their leisure time in life. A soothing and stimulating activity that involves both the mind and the body, music is a language that is understood by all. Introverts are all about getting lost in their own world and music is a perfect hobby that allows them this luxury more often in life.

3. Reading -

Woman reading book at evening at home close up

A classic hobby for introverts, reading is a beautiful way to enjoy your free time and transport yourself to an entirely different place without moving an inch! Be it fiction, self-help, biography, literature or anything else, reading is a simple yet powerful hobby that can help you feel fresh and it will help you escape into a world of your choice. Reading is one of the best things to do alone on the weekend.

4. Art and Craft -

Top view final artistic touch vase creation

Introverts are usually creative and love indulging in activities that can add to their imagination. Art and craft is an activity that is engaging and fun to do that any introvert would enjoy, irrespective of whether you're good at it or not. Pick up painting or drawing as a hobby or take up pottery or origami, art and craft will serve as a delightful medium of self-expression and an uncomplicated way to enjoy your leisure time the way you want to!

5. Cooking/Baking -

Homemade sausages in dough.

Introverts generally prefer staying back at home and what's a better way to spend your time than satiating your taste buds with a delicious meal? Cooking is an exciting yet rewarding hobby which you can learn from online courses or by joining a hobby class near you. If you are an introvert with a sweet tooth, you can also pick up Baking as a hobby to keep yourself occupied with your favourite delicacies. The best part, you can even make this hobby as a source of income in your free time by offering cookery and baking classes near you!

Are you an introvert and find this relatable? Let us know your experiences below and tell us what's your favourite hobby in life!

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