5 Fun Hobby Courses You Must Pursue This Summer

5 Fun Hobby Courses You Must Pursue This Summer

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 07/03/2018

For most, summer vacations translate into taking adventure trips with friends, leisure getaways with family, extended hours of fun with kids and so much more. If you’re all about making the most of your time, summer vacations are a perfect way to learn a new hobby or skill that interests you!

Be it for kids or for adults, there are numerous activities and hobbies to enjoy during your summer vacation break. The time spent learning a new skill or practicing a hobby will not only give you enjoyment and a sense of purpose, but will also prove as an investment with numerous future benefits.

Ready to start learning? Here are 5 creative and fun hobby courses you must pursue this summer –

#1 Painting Courses


The most common and loved form of visual art, Drawing and Painting are perfect creative hobbies for beginners to indulge in during your summer break. Be it sketching or oil painting, art is a beautiful medium to express yourself creatively and make the most of your leisure time. These days, one can also enrol themselves in unique painting courses such as – acrylic painting, canvas painting, charcoal and portrait painting classes and many more. By joining painting classes or by enrolling in online drawing courses, you too can easily start your own artistic journey!


#2 Origami Courses


Based on the ancient art of folding paper to create beautiful patterns, designs and figures, Origami is a fun hobby for beginners that anyone can easily learn. You can join Origami courses in India or enrol in online Origami classes as well to build your paper craft skills. There are numerous origami workshops organized during summer breaks for kids and adults. A popular pastime for kids and adults around the world, Origami is a creative hobby  which you must try during the summer break!


#3 Clay Modelling Courses


Pottery or the art of moulding clay to form objects and sculptures is a famous art form in India. If you are interested to spend your leisure time learning a DIY hobby and skill, start with Clay Modelling courses near you! The course guides will walk you through the various steps and clay modelling techniques and by the end of your sculpting classes, you will be giving shape to your imagination too!


#4 Baking Courses


Whether you want to start your own bakery or simply wish to indulge in some sweet tooth delicacies, you can start by enrolling yourself in baking courses. Join professional baking classes and earn to understand all the aspects of baking and confectionary with hands-on training and guidance. What better way to make the most of your summer break than learn baking as a happy hobby for your tummy as well as your creative soul!


#5 Fashion/Make Up Styling Courses


Have a passion for fashion? Switch up the style during your summer break by joining a fashion styling course! A perfect hobby for housewives, you can learn about styling and imaging in the fashion and beauty industry. One of the rising professions in the modern times, make the most of your summer break and pursue a fashion or a make-up course online or from an academy near you.


With these creative hobbies for kids and adults, your summer breaks won’t be boring anymore! Whether you are into arts, crafts, fashion or fitness, finding your favorite hobby is simple with MillionCenters.com – Search, Explore and Connect with Hobby Classes and Centers near you.

So, start learning today and don’t miss out on the fun and action with these super fun summer hobby courses!


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