5 Fun and Interesting Hobby Ideas for Fathers

5 Fun and Interesting Hobby Ideas for Fathers

  • 16/06/2019

Being a dad is no easy job, but that doesn’t mean fathers can’t have their share of fun!

Whether you are spending time with your kids or wife, you can still make time for some fun and interesting hobbies.

Now, we are sure you already should have your own interests and passions in life, but if you’re a father who is on the lookout for some fun and interesting hobby ideas, we have you covered!

Every child would love to have a fantastic father with a passion or hobby in life!

If you’re a father and reading this, here are some hobby ideas suitable for you -



  1. Photography

Need a hobby?

Learning photography is the simple and interesting way to enjoy your free time.

As a father, you probably have young child growing up with you, imagine if you could capture those precious, rare moments through a camera!

For dads who travel, taking out your camera along with your business trips is another way to de-stress and relax.

No, you don’t have to be a full-fledged professional photographer to enjoy photography, by using a few basic photography tips, everyone can take better pictures!

Photography is amazing to start with – use your smart phone or purchase a beginner level professional camera and make the most of every moment as a father!


  1. Blogging

Blogging is another interesting hobby idea for fathers.

Being a father is an amazing feeling, one gets to learn and live so much more than before.  So, why not share your thoughts on life after fatherhood through a blog?

Usually, men don’t like to share their emotions or feelings, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying to blog.

Expressing your feelings as a father is amazing – your blog can not only resonate with other fathers but you can also create a mutual parenting community of yours online!

After some years, your blog will serve as a memory to the amazing moments of fatherhood that you experience, so don’t feel shy in sharing what you feel with your family (or others).

Don’t worry if you have never written or started a blog before – you can read our helpful guide on blogging for beginners and start today!


  1. Gardening

As you grow older, you will feel a natural inclination towards peace, calm and relaxation.

Nature relaxes everyone and picking up gardening as a pastime hobby can help you cope with stress and anxiety.

As your child grows up, you can also make him/her learn about gardening and enjoy a calming bond with plants and nature.

Setting up your own home or terrace garden isn’t too difficult either, and no, gardening is not just an activity reserved for retired old people. In fact, more men in their 30s and 40s are taking up gardening as a hobby all over again!

Still looking for more reasons to become a gardener father? Check this awesome list out.


  1. Exercising

While exercising isn’t strictly a ‘hobby’, it is still a great way to pass your leisure time and make the most out of every day.

For fathers, getting rid of the ‘dad body’ can be tough – but by exercising even for few minutes every day, you can get in shape again!

Ask yourself – would you not want your child to grow up and be proud of their father’s physique and health? You’d want that right, so stop making excuses and pick up running, cardio, gym or any form of workout activity!

Look for a fitness class or gym near you and get going. Your future self will thank you for starting out soon.

Plus, you will come across as a health and fitness conscious father in front of your kids, which is great, as exercising should be a part of every growing childhood as a healthy habit.


  1. Cooking

Cooking for men has been a matter of debate – some men like to be in the kitchen while some think of cooking as an activity best suitable for women.

If you’re a father, you should learn to cook at least basic meals and dishes. You can choose from simple cuisines and slowly work your way towards more exciting dishes.

Fathers who cook can also pass on their learning to their kids, this way, children understand the value of learning to cook early on in their life.

Imagine surprising your children with their favourite meal, wouldn’t that be great? Your children will love for being such a cool cook and an amazing father too!


Over To You

There are too many hobby ideas for fathers you can choose from (our list is just the start!).

Remember – it is always a good idea to do something fun, interesting and useful that can also be enjoyed with your kids.

When your child will see you following a passion or hobby, he/she will get inspired to cultivate an interest of their own.

This way, you can spend more quality time with your family and also raise smart and creative children easily.

We hope this list inspires you to be a father who has a hobby (or two) in his life!

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