5 Fishing Quotes & Lessons on being a Hobbypreneur & Entrepreneurship

5 Fishing Quotes & Lessons on being a Hobbypreneur & Entrepreneurship

  • Captain Surinder
  • 29/12/2018

5 Fishing Quotes & Lessons on being a Hobbypreneur & Entrepreneurship



1. Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.  

W. C. Fields


Most of us are accustomed to the routine. We pass through schools to get admission in college, then study through college to find a job and then the routine sets in again.

We wake up, get ready for work, get in metro or drive to work, then work through the day, get back home, watch TV, Netflix, eat and sleep. & Repeat

Somewhere in this routine, we lose our capacity to do more, to be happier, to give back more to ourselves, and to society.  Somewhere we become a dead fish going with the flow and stop feeling alive.

People who strive, struggle, and work hard to swim against the flow are the ones who feel alive, are happier and more accomplished it. What better way can it be than to become a Hobbypreneur. How can you do that, here’s a quick list

·        Join a club, gym or workout community in your area to learn first.

·        Start teaching in spare time, be it Mathematics, chess, fitness or anything you are good at.

·        Finally, Start your learning centre, connect with us and we will guide you.


You can always start by doing it in spare time, possibly an hour daily and few more over the weekends. You will observe that you will become socially more acceptable, make new acquaintances, be more confident and will definitely feel more alive, besides the passive income you will generate : )




2.     Being a fish out of water is tough, but that's how you evolve.

Kumail Nanjiani


As an entrepreneur or as a Hobbypreneur you will be required to come out of your comfort zone and do things you could have never imagined you would do. It is no more about being good at what you can teach, as you may be an excellent Guitar player or extremely good at maths or you know Spanish, German, English language very well or you may be a black belt in karate. When it comes to being your own master as a hobbypreneur or businessman, you will have to evolve as a teacher, if you dream to have your own learning centre where you can teach what you learn.

The out of comfort zone activities will include

·         sales, & marketing,

·         handling calls,

·         negotiating with prospective clients,

·         learn tools & technology to manage your admin tasks

·         online marketing – social media, digital, website etc.


You can join our Hobbypreneur Whatsapp group to be a part of the community, learn contribute and grow . click https://chat.whatsapp.com/97zIjvlmAe8A3Jd9NSgbzV


3. If you want to catch more fish, use more hooks.

George Allen, Sr.

If you want to get more leads, prospects or students you cannot only rely on word of mouth or possibly one or two channels of marketing. As any business, a learning centre also needs to do what bigger business do. That is they use more and more hooks to get to customers. For example, you will see a Mobile phone advertisement on newspaper, social media, TV, google search results, metro, hoardings and what not.

What all type of hooks can you use as a small centre of Yoga , Music, Dance or Tuition, more so this is applicable for young entrepreneurs as well

  1. Social Mediamake use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to connect with people who may have interest in learning what you offer.
  2. Video Sharing -Youtube More applicable for Dance, Music and Yoga classes to showcase videos.
  3. Digital StoreJust as your studio is your physical store, where you spend money to offer awesome experience to your visitors or students who come to learn. You also need a digital store or website to showcase how good you are. This acts as assurance and instill’s trust in your  web visitors, who will then be more willing to visit or call you.
  4. Listings List with all possible listing websites, magazines, yellow pages, local ad distribution magazines.
  5. Management toolsmake use of digital tools to ensure your students get an easy experience to communicate, get updates of class changes, monitor progress, attendance, fee reminder etc. It is not only about creating hooks for new students, making creating deep hooks in your existing students/clientele that they bring more referrals.


4. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

American Proverb


Remember, the market is big for every learning centre, business or tutor to get more and more students and grow sustainability. The best test of your niche will be to check, if someone else is doing it. As you would have observed a lot of time businesses are concentrated in one place.

For instance if one restaurant is doing well in a particular area, within a few days many more will come up in the same area and all will be running and getting business.

The only ask remains, even if there are plenty of fish in the sea, you need to be smart enough to catch the most of it by ensuring the following

·        Never compromise on quality for students

·        Be professional

·        Keep learning about growth techniques

·        Use technology

·        Collect feedback from students.




5.     A little bait catches a large fish.     

John Taylor Wood


At last, we would like to conclude with the above adage, that it doesn’t require big bait or investments to catch bigger clients or more students.

It is about applying the above lessons, creating your strategy for growth and continuously improving it smartly.

Use these fish quotes as constant reminders for you to apply it in your growth journey.

A growing learning centre or business always invests back into the business, do remember to do so. You can always allocate 5 to 15% of your earnings into marketing efforts by creating hooks that will ensure continual growth.



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