5 Excellent Benefits of Learning a Language

5 Excellent Benefits of Learning a Language

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 20/03/2017

"To have another language is to possess another soul"

Languages are the crux of society, cultures and communities and are instrumental in shaping the world as we know it today.

So, what's good about learning a new language? After all, you are already fluent in your mother tongue apart from speaking or knowing the international code of communication i.e. English, right?

Here are five excellent benefits of learning a second language that will motivate you to develop a linguistic approach in your life:

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1) Learning Languages Make You Stand Out

The world around us is one connected circle and nowadays, most companies are expanding their business presence to newer countries. Learning a new language not only helps your employment prospects but also makes your profile stand out from the sea of talent. If you are fluent in multiple languages, you will prove to be a beneficial asset for any organization and can even get to travel to new places professionally. Apart from being an additional skill on your curriculum vitae, knowing a second (or third) language significantly boosts your pay check too!

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2) Learning Languages Make You Smarter

We are a function of our thoughts, which in turn, are dependent on our brain functioning and mental abilities. Research has proven that multilingual people are more attentive and have increased memory capacity as compared to monolinguals. As the process of learning a foreign language exercises and challenges your brain, it can help you increase concentration and cognitive ability. Another benefits to learning a foreign language is one can also be more aware of your surroundings and have a rationale thought process.

3) Learning Languages Make You Confident

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How many times have you wanted to travel to an idyllic destination but had to hold your wanderlust due to fear of communication (or the lack of it). Well, you can overcome your fear if you know the language of the country you want to visit and experience new cultures and backgrounds. Learning a new language will make you feel confident about yourself and open an entirely new world for you, both personally and professionally. The methods you use to learn a new language gives you a feeling of open-mindedness.

4) Learning Languages Make You Healthy

Surprisingly, learning a foreign language is beneficial for your health too! Studies have proven that bilingual people are mentally more alert than others and at significantly lower risk of memory problems such as Alzheimer disease and Dementia. Multilingualism acts as a protective blanket for your mind and provides greater emotional and social strength in life. Interestingly, 95% of people when surveyed admitted to thinking positively and an enhanced sense of compassion and patience while learning a foreign language.

5) Learning Languages Make You Cooler

Admit it, there is no better a feeling than to reciprocate to a greeting in a foreign tongue! Learning a new language apart from your first one will make you interesting and people would want to talk to you. The result engaging conversations and a whole new feeling of fun. Of course, there is nothing cooler than visiting a fancy cafe or restaurant and placing your order like a true boss with the right pronunciation. Agreed, impressing people might not be the biggest reason to learn a foreign language but hey it’s nice offshoot of the learning process and we aren’t complaining at all!

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All in all, learning a new language is a fantastic way to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone to achieve greater heights, see better sights and get soaked in an enriching experience in your life journey. Of course, the physiological benefits are tremendous and you will see yourself transforming into a better, open-minded and understanding individual!

Everyone might have their own reasons to learn a new language, but the excellent benefits of the process are shared by all!

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