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Learning a new dance form is a great hobby. It is good both for your mind and body.

Learning anything new requires that the mentor binds with the student and builds a relationship that would further help in building a fruitful environment.

Same is the case with dance. In order to learn to dance, you need to have a good dance teacher.

One must look for many options and should choose the mentor wisely. Many classes in Delhi provide excellent faculties, some of who are also awarded in their respective fields.

In this article, you will get to know about the qualities of a good dance teacher and where one can find one of the best mentors to learn from!


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Essential Qualities of a Dance teacher:


  1. Patience- All students have a different pace of grabbing moves and so, the dance teacher must possess this quality to ensure that all of them learn. Also, there may be someone who has an interest in dance right from childhood, but on the other hand, there maybe someone who is absolutely clueless about the activity. So, the teacher must keep in mind and serve the interests of both types of students.


  1. Knowledge- A teacher must have proper knowledge about the movements so that students perform it properly and do not face any difficulty. Wrong moves can sometimes get one injured and you do not want that. So, please assure that your dance teacher has a vast understanding about the dance form you want to learn.


  1. Professionalism- If not learnt properly, the dance class will just waste your time and money. The teacher must be professional enough to be punctual, give the assigned time in teaching and should gracefully handle any difficulties or issues of students. No matter how talented a dance teacher is, you should always learn from a professional dancer.


  1. Dedication- This holds great importance. If the teacher won’t have dedication and passion for dance, she/he won’t be able to inculcate that in students; and anything done half heartedly is better off not done.  So, your dance teacher must be dedicated so she, and you, give your full to what you’re performing.


  1. Enthusiasm- An enthusiastic dance teacher is a great dance teacher. When your teacher has a smiling face and is full of energy, she will groove better and you guys will enjoy a lot more. This will also charge you up for the class and you will have fun time learning.




Hansdhawni Dance and Music Academy

This academy was found in 2015 and offers a large variety of classes in dance forms. The faculty is fine and are awarded nationally. The dance forms include Hip Hop, Locking Popping, Contemporary, Jazz and all the major Classical Dance Forms.

This institute also provides dance mentorship for family functions including weddings, corporate events and school programmes.


Lekha Sharma’s Darohar Dance Academy

Lekha Sharma is a renowned Kathak Dancer.  As the name suggests, Darohar, meaning treasure of past, the academy does its best to maintain the culture of Kathak dance. Kathak is an Indian classical dance form which requires a lot of practice to develop the required skill. They believe in purity and sanctity of the dance form and worship the same as their religion.

They have a unique set of faculty known for perfection in their fields and dance enthusiasts can learn a lot from these professionals.


Delhi Dance Academy

This is one of the best dance schools in Delhi. It is known for the wide range of dance classes that it offers. Other than teaching dance, it also offers facilities like choreographing for college fests, family functions etc.

It develops a harmonic environment, for all age groups, be it children, adults or anyone. It also offers classes in yoga and fitness. For those who are interested in losing weight, can also attend dance classes.  The faculty is highly experienced and loves to interact with learners.


Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya

Tansen was the most renowned musician of his time. This school is established in the name of this personality. It offers classes in music and dance, both classical and western. The teachers are well trained and experienced. It also has many branches in various parts of India.

People usually enrol their children into these schools for the summer vacations.

This institute also provides facilities of diplomas for those students who continue to learn to dance even after the vacations. It focuses on developing the student entirely by providing both physical and mental knowledge.


In Conclusion

It is scientifically proven that children, who are involved in co curriculum activities like music and dance, tend to have a higher Intelligence quotient as compared to those only involved in studies.

So, choose your dance teacher wisely and be dedicated.

We hope you learn to dance from the right teacher.

If you are looking for the best dance institutes and teachers in Delhi NCR, you can find them at MillionCenters – start searching and learning with us today.

Happy Dancing!

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