5 Easy Ways to Deal with Exam Anxiety

5 Easy Ways to Deal with Exam Anxiety

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 31/01/2018

If you find yourself with sweaty palms and a bundle of nerves before exams hit – you have developed exam anxiety. No need to panic - as it is not a serious medical condition, rather a mild neurotic response to external stimuli (read: stress).

We have all been there – an important exam is due for the next day and it takes a toll on our thoughts and body. Anxiety symptoms caused by examinations include - feeling of restlessness, fear and anxiety creeps in which ultimately affects our confidence and mental co-ordination.

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Although it is natural for students to succumb to deadlines and pressures, it is important to be aware of how one can overcome anxiety and stress related to examinations. Overcoming anxiety can be a daunting task, however there are sure ways to help boost your mental and emotional strength and cope with signs of anxiety effectively.

Following are five easy ways to deal with exam stress better than before –

  • Set Realistic Expectations –Agreed your career and future depends on your exams and results but you must not forget that a bad score doesn’t mean the end of the road. Don’t feel like your whole life depends on the results of that big exam coming up, instead focus on how you can overcome stress to ensure good results. Remember – stressing about the future won’t improve anything, on the contrary it only ruins your present peace of mind.


  • Eat Healthy – It is rightly said “A sound mind resides in a healthy body”. Your food habits will define your activity and alertness. Research has also proven that eating right foods can significantly boost your memory therefore enabling you to retain more of what you study. If you want to keep your mind sharp, include vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Cut down on soda, caffeinated drinks and sugar to avoid laziness and anxiety.


  • Exercise That Body –Eating healthy is only half the battle won, if you exercise regularly during exam season, it will help you relieve stress. Exercise also boosts blood circulation and thereby facilitates active learning and responses. Build a plan – swim, cycle or run to ensure you have a fit body that stand well against exam pressure and anxiety. If you feel de-motivated to pick up fitness, you can even learn a healthy hobby that keeps you fit, active and in good mental and physical shape!  


  • Avoid Distractions –Put that phone down, will you! Make it a point to turn off electronic gadgets like television, radio, smartphones etc. while you sit to study for your exams. It is important to focus on only one task at a hand as it will help you retain your concepts better and longer. Create a calm, quiet environment wherein you can concentrate without external distractions. Such changes will keep you more relaxed and focused before and during your examinations.


  • Take Mock Tests – While it is important to study for hours, cramming material into your head will not help in the longer run. Science has proven that we only retain less than half of what we study thus make it a point to practice your coursework by taking mock tests. Set a strict schedule and practice sample test guides and previous year papers to get in the exam mindset. Mark your daily progress and improve your weak areas. It will not only boost your confidence but will also prepare you mentally for the D-Day.


We hope these tips would help you make the most of your exam preparations and keep the anxiety at bay. In many cases, suffering from exam related stress is also a sign that you might need the help of a professional coach to prepare better for your exams. If you feel so, it is advised to immediately seek the assistance and guidance of a right tutor for your learning!

Don’t forget to reward yourself after the exams are over. After all, you are worth it!

Have any other tips to beat exam anxiety? Do drop us a line in the comments section below.

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