5 Best Live Streaming platforms for Virtual classroom

5 Best Live Streaming platforms for Virtual classroom

  • 30/09/2020

5 Best Live Streaming platforms for Virtual classroom


In today's fast-paced world, continuous skill development is the essence of a successful career. But as the country faces lockdown and the majority of the activities have been hampered, with no mass gatherings, no schools and no offices. However, hampered operations should never result in a ceased growth.


As the majority of the world is having a quarantine period due to COVID 19, we are sure that soon this battle will be won. But till the time we win this health battle, ignoring our jobs and classes is no wisdom. With a strangling economy and impeded growth, we must put in as much as we can on our part for the country. Not just businesses, companies, employers and workers, but also the mission of teachers and students must be fulfilled on time.


Therefore, today we bring you Top 5 live classroom platforms that will help you in numerous ways:


  1. IBM Cloud Video Platform



IBM Video Streaming- the cloud-based platform is used for external delivery of on-demand, live content to the audiences, comprising virtual classrooms. The platform uses the same technology which is behind the formerly known service named UStream.


IBM Video Streaming supports some powerful features and is an excellent option for large budget educational institutions. The Security features which it provides, include embedded restrictions, password protection, and private URLs.


  1. Kaltura        



Kaltura is an excellent investment for a live teaching platform for educational institutions.

It is an influential, vast video management platform which is aimed at large institutions. Several institutions also install Kaltura and host it on their own servers, and the rest opt for the cloud-based video services.


The security features of Kaltura include access control tools, encryption and DRM. Their service is fully white-labelled, and for programmatic interactions, an API is available.


  1. Vimeo Live



Vimeo live comprise of several easy-to-use live engagement tools; it includes live Q&A audience chat, live polls, custom calls-to-action and email capture. Vimeo in 2017, attained Livestream, and now provides the services of a live streaming platform via Vimeo Live.


Some exciting hardware integrations are offered in the services. Security features include password protection and advanced privacy controls. The Vimeo Live provides API and many other features which are available in custom plans.

  1. MillionCenters

Hosted by MillionCenters, it’s one of the best platform for hosting live classes. MillionCenters live classes solution is unique in terms of number and variety of functions provided for the classroom management. It supports 100 percent end-to-end encryption making it a secure platform for learning. Attend online classes anytime, anywhere with MillionCenters Live Classes Web access.


  1. Vedamo


Vedamo is a communal web conferencing tool for the teachers and the tutors who desire to conduct some highly interactive live classroom teaching sessions. It provides an online whiteboard, screen sharing and breakout rooms capabilities.


Vedamo has a rich set of tools that help in creating an engaging experience, with no need to install any additional software. It is integrated with Canvas, Google and many more.


My Final Words


The list mentioned above of live classroom platforms can fulfil their motive with utmost quality. I hope you found the content worthy enough, and with the help of these platforms, live classes could be continued without any hindrances.


Thanks for reading, for more such content, Stay Tuned!


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