5 Benefits of Crossword Puzzles for Kids

5 Benefits of Crossword Puzzles for Kids

  • 09/04/2019

Crosswords and puzzles are an interesting way to keep your kids occupied. It’s a good way to improve their vocabulary and mental health while you get some time out for yourself.


Nowadays parents give their mobile phones to kids to play. Therefore, kids get attached to mobile phones easily.  But eventually, this becomes a habit and this habit comes with its own cons.


Introducing your kids to puzzles at an early stage is a good exercise for their mind. It keeps them active and productive, plus it also helps you to manage them better.


There is a variety of puzzles for you to pick from like: guess the color, shape names, fruit names, animal puzzle, etc. However, the classic one has to be a crossword puzzle.





Let’s have a look at the 5 benefits of Crossword Puzzles for Kids:



1. Improves Vocabulary and Spelling


Introduce your child to simple kindergarten puzzles or word search to help them improve their vocabulary in a fun way.


They get familiarized with new words by recognizing the words from the puzzles. These words get into their subconscious growing minds.


This helps them remember it the next time they see. You can also encourage your kids to use a dictionary and look for the meaning of the words. This helps in understanding the meaning of words in a more practical way.


Solving word puzzles is also a good way to learn spellings.


For example, to successfully complete crosswords you need to spell words correctly or else the squares won’t match the word. It simply puts your child on spot to finish the word off.


The more the exposure to new words, the better their vocabulary and spellings would be. Thus, word puzzles and crosswords have a significant role in improving your kid's vocabulary and spelling.


2. Develops Problem- Solving Ability


Many word puzzles can be challenging. They require you to think hard on multiple solutions, on how a word interacts with others.


Puzzles like these force your child to think strategically and logically. Solving the simplest of puzzles gives the feeling of achieving a goal.


Help your child to think and strategize on word solution in a particular grid. It gives great satisfaction and confidence to kids when they solve a puzzle. It enhances skills like reasoning, problem-solving and developing solutions.


These skills are useful in later life too. Crosswords also help develop a problem-solving skill i.e. to simplify a given problem.


They are encouraged to break a bigger problem into simpler ones to find a solution. Problem solving is one of the many important life lessons every child must learn.




3. Teaches Persistence




Persistence is required while solving these puzzles. Not giving up is a good habit that comes along with problem-solving. It’s a healthy way to keep them mentally active.


Attempting more than once to solve a word puzzle simply inculcates persistence in kids. This is an important attribute to learn as kids might face and go through failures sometime in their lives.


Solving a crossword puzzle helps them learn and understand that it’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to give up. Rather try again and again until you get it right.


Teach your kids to avoid using words like “I’can’t”, “I won’t”, or “I shouldn’t” while solving a puzzle. Word puzzles help in teaching positive attitude towards life.


Puzzles teach kids to focus on the solution rather than the problems.


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4. Improves IQ


According to studies, a puzzle that keeps your mind active through problem-solving activities reduces brain cell damage and mental illness like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Instead, it strengthens the mind and helps in the growth of new cells.


You have a lot of themes in puzzles like shapes, letters, numbers, colors, fruits, and pets. Using a different kind of puzzle helps kids develop visual awareness.


For example, the puzzles where kids have to fit a piece of a puzzle in a particular shape require hand-eye coordination.


With puzzles like these, they understand and remember it. It requires concentration and general knowledge to solve these kinds of puzzles.


Puzzles are a great medium for teaching kids subconsciously and thus improve productivity.


5. Enhances Productivity



Brain training exercises like solving puzzles or jigsaw help in increasing productivity. Kids start to improve their vital skills, grasping, learning, and memorizing things subconsciously in an easy manner.

In fact, it’s a good idea to play puzzles during break time in schools. It helps to reset your brain and get ready for the next class.

Kids who solve puzzles develop creativity and “outside the box” thinking. In fact, group puzzle solving, develops teamwork among kids. This helps them increase productivity later in their lives.

Also, puzzles enable the kids to think laterally i.e. find solutions from different angles, thus increasing productivity.


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In Conclusion

The above points prove the relationship and impact of puzzles solving in both short term and long term. Other than the above mental benefits, crossword puzzles for kids also has numerous health benefits such as relaxation, reduced stress, a


Crossword puzzles are very handy and can be taken anywhere without any hustle. They don't need any additional carrier or chargers.


They are a cost-effective way to keep kids engaged and amused while traveling or partying.


This is a good attempt in helping them groom intelligently as well as have fun. Like we mentioned about 7 little words, there are other publishers too who give crossword puzzles to play. Crosscheck your answers to see how many of your kids have got right.


For crossword answers you can check crosswordanswers911.com and help those little minds exercise themselves!




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