5 Awesome Hobby Clubs in Delhi that will make boredom go away

5 Awesome Hobby Clubs in Delhi that will make boredom go away

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 15/03/2018

Tired of the same old run-of-the-mill activities to do on weekends? There's good news in store for you! 

Whether you are into sports, music, fitness, art or food - there are numerous hobby clubs in Delhi that will allow you the opportunity to indulge in your favorite hobby! Whether you are looking to join weekend hobby classes or simply a creative outlet for your passion, these hobby clubs will inspire you.

So, if you are waiting to join the fun on a weekend, take a look at these 5 awesome hobby clubs in Delhi that will give you a break from the boring -

# 1 Delhi Art Slam

A community dedicated to artists, art-lovers and art enthusiasts, Delhi Art Slam is a melting pot for everything arts. Whether you're into painting, sketching, drawing or anything that's art, this hobby club will welcome your presence with open arms. 

The art community is very active and they're often coming up with make-shift museums, art galleries, event slams featuring artists, designers, photographers and illustrators all under one roof. If you are into art as a hobby or interest, don't forget to sign up with this hobby club in Delhi!

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#2 Delhi Book Lovers

Are books your best friends? If yes the inner bibliophile in you must head to be a part of Delhi Book Lovers club that attracts bookworms from across the city. This hobby club is aimed at reading enthusiasts who want to enjoy the company of fellow book lovers and enjoy interesting discussions on authors, books, literature and everything else in between.  

This community of book lovers and readers organize meet-ups at public parks and heritage sites to share their love for reading.

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#3 Delhi Photography Club

Want to get better at the art of clicking pictures? The Delhi Photography Club is the perfect community to take your love for photography to greater heights. Perfect for amateurs as well as experts, the love for clicking pictures for self-expression is what brings this close-knit community together. 

This hobby group comprises of professionals as well as budding photography enthusiasts who are passionate about the art of visual storytelling. Apart from regular workshops, they also organize photo tours to beautiful destinations!

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#4 Pedalyatri