4 Important Tips to Work from Home

4 Important Tips to Work from Home

  • 19/07/2020



Making your Quarantine period valuable: Tips to Work from Home

The Corona outbreak has gripped the world for over a month now. Global Governments have started taking stringent measures to stop the spread of the virus after the World Health Organisation declared Corona as a pandemic. Markets are closing down, and people are being advised to stay indoors. The pandemic, though entitled as controlled, has taken the whole world by fear. In times like this, self-isolation is something which is gradually catching up with the trend as the need of the hour. The focus has shifted from an individual level to a more communitarian outlook, where we isolate ourselves so that the virus does not spread. Corporate sectors are also closing down, and the companies have been requested to grant their employees permission to work from home. But is working from home as beneficial as working from your very own office desk? It is quite agreeable that working from home does not always come with the ambiance of your office, but it can surely be made up to the mark with specific tips and tricks. This article discusses the tips to make your home a better work-place so that you can use your quarantine period effectively!

  1. Setup the right technology: In the 21st century, technology has become ingrained in our daily lives. However, technology has an even more significant role to play when it comes to making your home your workplace. Setting up the right technology helps you gain the right atmosphere for work. Make sure you have your laptop, mobile phone and charger plugged in, so you do not get disconnected from your work! Technology might help you become the next Tony Stark!
  2. Check on the Internet bandwidth: Social distancing is imaginable, but social media distancing is not! In the 21st century, the Internet is the second most crucial necessity after oxygen. Check on the bandwidth of your network. Most of the conferences and meetings are being canceled nowadays, so most of the people now prefer video conferencing. This requires a good Internet connection. Moreover, if you are bored, you can always switch on to Netflix if your Internet works fine!
  3. Talk it out with your superiors: It is safe to assume that when one prefers work from home, he/she can do a lot of work. But that has to be worked out in conversations. Remember to sort out your priorities in times like these. Your office can connect on applications like Slack, or you can go old-school and bond over e-mails! Manage the expectations that your superiors lay upon you.



  1. Know yourself: Working from home can be tough when you take up loads of responsibilities on your shoulders. Explore yourself and know where you lag behind Try to improve in the fields you need and also work upon your strengths. Strive hard to make yourself and the place you work from, a better site that is work-worthy. A SWOT analysis is always welcomed. Take frequent breaks between work hours and enjoy the work you are assigned to!