3 Reasons Why Drinking Beer after Workout Is a Good Idea!

3 Reasons Why Drinking Beer after Workout Is a Good Idea!

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 23/11/2016

After a grueling workout session, one surely feels fatigued and turns to different alternatives to replenish essential body nutrients and recover muscles.

Beer, like many sports drinks, is rich in carbohydrates and electrolytes. Does that mean it is a solid replacement for your Gatorade? Let's find out!

According to studies and research, it has been shown that individuals who combine beer or wine with working out had lower cholesterol rates as compared to others who followed the traditional workout regime!

Surprising, isn't it?

Not really, as beer has been proven to release endorphins which are our brain's way of appreciating our efforts and hard work. Thus, if you hit a beer or two after working out, you are actually subconsciously motivating your mind to work harder and sweat it out in the gym the next day.

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That sounds right! So how is beer beneficial for the body after a workout ?
Here are three reasons to support this statement...


1) Beer is replenishing

Based on the make and brew of a beer, it can pack a different amounts of nutrients and calories. As one loses glucose and essential minerals while working out, beer can help to rejuvenate the body by providing electrolytes and nutrients such as selenium, silicon, phosphorus, proteins, and fiber and also helps to replenish the body's carbohydrate count.


2) Beer is testosterone friendly

The fact is, when it comes to building muscles, testosterone is the most important natural chemical required by the body. A moderate dosage of beer has been shown to boost testosterone production in the body and boost your muscle growth. However, don't yet grab the pitcher as an excess of beer ingested can lead to suppressing testosterone as well.


3) Beer boosts enzymes

Enzymes have been widely used by breweries in synthesizing and producing beer which makes it good for a post-workout drink. After a vigorous workout session, our body demands enzymes to detoxify the system as a whole and improve liver functions. So, having a beer or two is actually helpful in the secretion of enzymes and facilitating protein synthesis.

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All in all, one can indulge in a beer after working out as it certainly has its benefits to offer. However, it is all about limiting yourself to avoid excess and hamper your fitness goals.

So beer lovers can rest easy as everything works fine in moderation and one should not make beer gulping after working out a daily habit!

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