3 Easy Ways You Can Cultivate a Creative Hobby in Life

3 Easy Ways You Can Cultivate a Creative Hobby in Life

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 31/07/2018

Why learn a hobby?” Said no man ever.

Hobbies are essential for having a work/life balance. They give us something to look upto after a busy (boring) day at work. Most importantly, just as the clothes we wear, the things we like and the stuff we own, our hobbies are also an extension of our personality.

Being a writer, gardener, musician or dancer is so much fun than just being an associate, executive, manager or assistant. After all, your job will fill your pockets but your hobby will fill your soul with creativity, joy and happiness.

A hobby could be anything – travelling, collecting things, playing sports, reading books, learning languages or a musical instrument, fitness, blogging…the options are endless!

Remember your school friend who went on to become a famous artist? You probably do because that person continued following their interest and nurtured into a hobby and lifelong passion!

You might be wondering – "All of this sounds true but how does one get the time to follow an interest or pick up a hobby?"

Well, you’re right. In the modern age, time is a luxury and finding enough hours (or minutes) in a day to learn something new can be a tough task. However, with a healthy dose of time management, perseverance and self-motivation, everyone can take out that ‘extra’ time from their busy lives to pick up a hobby.

If you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know where to start, here are 3 easy ways to cultivate a new hobby from scratch –

Step 1: Start with Indoor Hobbies

Pick up indoor hobbies that are easy to learn, practice and enjoy in your spare time. Indoor creative hobbies are your best bet to start cultivating a hobby from scratch without spending a lot of time or getting out of your comfort zone.

Indoor hobbies are usually the easiest to start with and will help you understand whether a particular activity is the right one for you or not. More on that later in this article.

Take your time and take it a step at a time as you learn and engage in a hobby. Some common hobbies are – music, dance, photography, singing, painting, baking, writing etc.

The best part about picking up a common hobby is that you can easily find tons of resources to ease your learning curve. From websites that teach you something new to e-learning platforms, the internet is a goldmine for anyone who wants to cultivate a hobby.

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Step 2: Look Within