10 Ways to keep Kids busy in Corona virus self quarantine

10 Ways to keep Kids busy in Corona virus self quarantine

  • 22/03/2020

Keeping Kids Busy in Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

With the schools and offices shutting down and people practising social distance and quarantine, stern actions are being taken to tackle the Coronavirus crisis. But a sub-crisis has arisen for parents – How do I keep my kid(s) busy at home? What will they do all day? We all know, letting the kids veg out with smartphones or in front of the TV all day is not a healthy option. We need ideas that keep them happy, busy, entertained, and that contribute to their growth.

But there is a shared secret ingredient to this multifarious recipe of ideas: a routine. Schools keep kids engaged for long because they follow a schedule. And kids are used to it. Hence, keep the structure much like school. Here are certain activities you can add to the routine to keep the days interesting:


1.    Books

Encourage them to read books by adding them to their routine. Comics, graphic-format, novels, fiction, non-fiction, add them all to create interest. You can also queue up books read-out-loud for younger kids.

 2.    Art

Kids are very imaginative. And the best way to let their imagination flow is through art. Let them draw, doodle, paint, and sketch. Crafts and trash art made through recycled materials also kindle their creativity and zeal to learn new things.


 3.    Educational Games

Various websites and apps that offer games and quizzes that cater to children of all age groups. But if you want to cut their screen time, you can also create such games at home! Flashcards, backyard science experiments, puzzles, spellings and maths with legos, etc. are only a few examples. Missing puzzle piece hunt or simple treasure hunts will also keep them hooked.

 4.    Board Games

Scrabble, monopoly, snake & ladders, chess, and so many more! These board games will have you nostalgic too. It is an inexpensive way of enjoying family-time with your kids.



 5.    Playdough

Clay or playdough art is always a hit with and among the kids. It has a calming effect on them and acts as a healthy outlet of emotions.

6.    Dance

Staying at home all day means kids become hyperactive and frustrated if they don't do a thing while they stay at home. And what's a better way to burn off their extra energy with a dance routine! You can DIY the choreography, take help from the internet videos or just improvise on the spot – it’s all about fun after all. It is also a proven fact that dancing builds overall physical confidence and psychological well being.



7.    Cooking

Apart from it being an essential life skill, it also enhances delicate motor skills. It helps a kid learn basic concepts of math and science too. It will make them appreciate the effort you put into it every day.

8.    Do the chores

This will not only help relieve your burden but also make your kids responsible. It teaches them life skills, makes them self-reliant, and improves planning and time management. Kids begin to see themselves as a vital contributor to the family this way. However, chores assigned should be age-appropriate and conducted under adult supervision. 




9.    Internet

Don’t get us wrong. The internet is full of educational websites explicitly designed for kids. They offer games, quizzes, puzzles, and even art-making. And even some kids-learning videos on Youtube. The e-learning market is enormous and offers comprehensive knowledge.


10.     Virtual museum tour

Keeping in mind the coronavirus shutdown, many museums and theatres have availed the facility of virtual field trips. It can be a new learning experience for both the kids and you!


Social distancing and quarantine may make some days seem gloomy. And handling the kids may not always be breezy. But trying and maintaining normalcy in the house via a set routine is essential. It will assure them (and you) that the world isn’t falling apart. And that this too shall pass.

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