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Bharat Sharma | MillionCenters

I am a Digital Storyteller.

Yes, that's a fancy way to say - content and SEO writer, editor, copy writer and content strategist. But I like telling stories and that's why I write words that tell a story through different digital mediums.

Words are personal, even when they are business. What you say is as important as how you say it - and here's where I come to help businesses, entrepreneurs and brands say their story to the world.

The content world is crowded and I strive to share my signal in a world full of noise through - articles, blogs, website content, long-form content, social media content, infographics and copywriting.

My many fortes are bound together by a common love - the love of writing, expressing and sharing.

Whether you want to find your brand voice, improve your search engine rankings, increase customer engagement or tell people about your products - I am always up for a challenging project.

Let's connect over why content is king and how strategy and storytelling can come together to help your brand and business goals.

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Good content is obvious.
Great content is transparent.

My Skills
Writing 90%
Marketing 80%
Researching 85%
Strategizing 80%

What I Do

Website Content

Less Words and More Impact

Article and Blog Writing

Thought Provoking and Compelling

SEO Content Writing

Simple and Search Engine friendly

Copy Writing

Conversing Directly With Consumers

Proofreading and Editing

Making First Impressions Better


Graphics that Speak a thousand Words


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