Basic Classes


About Basic Classes

Welcome to my online space - I am a professional teacher with 5 years of teaching experience. I have been giving online tuition classes and helping students achieve their dream of scoring good marks in Maths and Science. 

Want to score good marks in secondary or senior secondary level? Dp you want to overcome your fear of subjects and move ahead of the competition? It’s time to contact and join my online tuition classes in Pindrajora today. 

I provide coaching and tuition for Maths and Science from classes 1st to 10th.

Need Right Guidance and Coaching?

My teaching approach is based on a simple understanding that every student is capable of success, they just need the right guidance and coaching. Since competition is rising everyday, students must prepare well for their future and in this goal of theirs, I am willing to offer my support and knowledge. 

Contact me for tuition classes in Pindrajora, Bokara. Let me take your understanding from basic to advanced and give you the confidence you need to succeed.