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Yoga can improve muscle flexibility and improves your range of motion.

Flexibility yoga is a technique to give your body a renewed flow of motion with practice and support. It can be practiced everyday to improve body flexibility and improve motion.

Flexibility Yoga

To run, walk, stretch, lift, exercise we need strength. Strength yoga uses poses to naturally increase and improve your body’s strength.

It strengthens both your major muscle groups and smaller muscles to give you flexibility, endurance and physical strength.

Strength Yoga

A combination of yoga and aerobics, Acro yoga helps to massage your muscles, improve your balance and build physical strength.

It is mostly practice with a partner or a person and some people also combine this with dance to improve fitness and connection.

Acro Yoga

A more dynamic version of traditional yoga forms, Power Yoga offers intense physical and mental training with specific sets of yoga asanas.

It helps in building inner stamina, improved strength, confidence, mental endurance and flexibility.

Power Yoga

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