About Us

Million Center aspires to be a platform for listings Learning Centers, which play a vital role in individuals development right from his/her childhood into the adulthood. These centers are often ignored in terms of the role they play or can play in the personality development of a being, owing to the gaps of

  •   less Information/Availability
  •   Credibility
  •   Proximity

Run as Home businesses , thus lacks professionalism in terms of running a business.

Millioncenter saims to bring quality benchmarks with easy search and cloud software for these centers,. These centers range from pre-school to tuition centers, activity/hobby centers to personality development schools. Millioncenters provides a platform to manage and run these centers as professional Organizations for managing marketing initiatives, communications, operations and courses, generating value for both Education Centers and Parents/Users.

Gaps for Center Owners


    Low Budgets to Market : These Centers spend small amount to market, resulting in ineffective campaigns mainly through pamphlet distribution and highly rely on word of mouth, which slows their growth and ability to sustain businesses for long run.


    Manual Processes : Many of the centers still rely of hard copy registers for managing accounts, registrations, attendance, etc. Even if they invest of ERP software's, they are do not have enough funds to hire people to manage IT infrastructure.


    Control & Monitoring : Lack of processes, knowledge and skills to monitor operations, performance of their expenditure on operation, marketing and effectiveness of student uptake of courses and results.

Solutions – Center Owners

Mass Reach

Ability to reach out targeted customers with lower spend on marketing.

Common Platform

Millioncenters provides a central platform for Centers owners to reach out to Customers on a level playing field.


Millioncenters will provide analytical capabilities for centers to assess and grow against market levers.

Cloud Software

Low cost software to manage Center operations, lowering opex and help centers grow and raise quality standards for the services which are offered.


Mentor & Co-Founder: Capt. Surinder Singh

With over 30 years of experience in Business and administration, with skills and abilities to manage for building and motivating teams to excel in target jobs. Capt Surinder brings onboard a discipline(from his stint with defence services),needed for growing business with too many moving parts.