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    MillionCenters.com is welcoming writers, authors and bloggers who can contribute pieces based on learning new things, hobbies and basically everything which is valuable to our readers.

    Where Can You Start:

    We welcome unsolicited, plagiarism free and inspiring content. If you are interested to write for us, please go through the below mentioned instructions –

    • 1. Please do not submit sales related articles or press releases.
    • 2. Please ensure the content submitted by you is not more than 1000 words.
    • 3. Please refrain from using profanity or any illicit verbiage or explicit terminology in your content.
    • 4. Please submit a piece of content only once. Do not submit the same article or blog multiple times.
    • 5. Please ensure you use appropriate and relevant images wherever necessary and credit the original source respectively.
    • 6. Please avoid plagiarism. If you are stating any facts, theories or studies, do ensure to cite the official sources of the same.

    Where To Submit:

    Before you submit your content, please ensure you are clear with the instructions mentioned above. If you are through with the same, email us your submissions as a Word file. You may also submit your content as a plaintext file. If we like what you have written, our editors will review your content and decide whether we will publish it on our website or not. Please be patient as the process could take a week from the date of submission.

    What’s In For You:

    Apart from getting huge visibility and attention towards your content, you will also learn a lot in the entire process. Writing for us can be rewarding too! We are constantly looking out for amazing storytellers and original writers to add to our amazing team. Basically, if you are a writer wanting to gain exposure as well as earn quick bucks, it doesn’t get any better than this!


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