Jayanthashry Carnatic Vocal Classes

Jayanthashry School of Music offers carnatic vocal classes, Hindustani music lessons, classical singing lessons and carnatic music basics to students of all age groups.

Founded and led by Mrs. Jayanthy Aiyar who has more than twenty years of teaching carnatic singing lessons in Delhi, if anyone is interested in learning singing and music – now is the right time to follow your passion and learn an art form.

Jayanthashry School of Carnatic Music in Delhi is your ultimate destination to learn carnatic vocal lessons from an experienced teacher. We offer in-depth carnatic classical music theory lessons to help kids and adults learn as per their convenience.

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Why Learn Carnatic Vocals and Music

It is creative

when you learn Carnatic singing and music, you give yourself a chance to learn a fun and creative hobby.

It is rewarding

learning Carnatic music and singing can also help you develop an alternate career in performing arts and teaching.

It is therapeutic

singing helps people to think less about their worries and enjoy life. Learning Carnatic singing is cheaper than therapy.

It is uplifting

imagine sharing your knowledge of Carnatic classical music with others who want to learn. It is physically, mentally and emotionally uplifting.