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Individuals aspiring to start teaching or home tuitions, conduct yoga classes or become a private fitness trainer, often are not sure about the potential of how much can they earn by teaching or training students.

Without much guidance and proper training, most of the people who start teaching either at home or through Online classes, end up leaving the noble profession and look for something more secure like jobs in sales, marketing, supportor go for further studies etc. The biggest question that stays unanswered for them is how to get more students?

It is disheartening to finally do something in which one does not have interest or passion to drive them to success. Whereas successful trainers or coaches who run tuition business, coaching centres and fitness or Gym centers, followstrictentrepreneurs conviction to learn, apply, invest, improve and grow


Setting up a Coaching business requires principles to

1. Learn – A good teacher is a learner for life;therefore you should continuously learn new techniques on coaching, how to be an effective trainer. Such teachers continuously learn about advancements in courses. Focus on how to improve communication skills

2. Invest – an entrepreneur or hobbypreneur not only follows one’s passion, but invests in ways to promote his coaching, Tuition business. You should be investing in digital technology to promote yourself and follow strict discipline to stay engaged with your target audience through various social media and build your personal brand. A simple thumb rule should be to invest 15% back into your business to continuously grow.

3. Apply – You should apply what you learn and make use of technology manage your classes and use software for class management. A smart teacher or coach should be focussing on applying techniques to be more effective with one’s students, as this will ensure your high success and fulfilment. While making use to technology to save time in managing activities like

a. Class scheduling
b. Parent/Student Communication
c. Fee collection
d. Promotion etc (Do read how technology can help Tutors & trainers to promote and grow)
e. Advertisement

4. Improve – You should be focusing on building a continuous improvement plan for yourself, by taking feedback from your students, learn from you competition or peers and becoming a better teacher for your students

5. Grow – Finally the entire cycle will help you grow, as with each process like

a. adopting technology will help you save time, thus give you time to learn more or take more batches
b. investing in promotion will help you reach more and more students
c. self learning will keep you abreast in the changing courses and thus keep you updated, thus more students will want to learn from you
d. building personal brand will help you expand and grow to be able to establish a strong coaching business.

This Calculator is created with inputs and study carried across 1000s of data points and coaching business, to present a perspective to someone who wishes to start a coaching business and set a goals to grow and make it more successful. There are always questions in the mind of a trainer or coach like

How do I start by coaching centre?
How much can I earn by taking home tuitions?
Should I take private one to one tuition or take bigger batches?
Which platforms should I promote my tuition classes?
How many hours or day should I teach?
Can I earn Rs 50,000 a month just by doing Yoga training?
What should be monthly fee, I should charge per student?
What is the right number of students for conducting Online class?
Which apps or website can I use to conduct online classes? (check out top video Classes apps),

We created this calculator to help you understand what all areas should you be thinking about as you start your tuition or hobby classes.

We believe teaching is not only limited to academics, and Millioncenters aims to help anyone to teach any stream or subject be it Music classes,an established Indian Folk Dance teacher of Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc, be a personal Fitness trainer or in-fact if you are a home maker, you can teach cooking, or take home tuitions with ease.

Important things to know about oneself is

what are my strengths?
which subjects can I teach?
do I feel passionate about it?
how much time can I spare for teaching?
What technologies and tools would I need?
Can I teach during CoVID times?
Do I need a website to promote my training brand? Or do I need home tuition website?
How much can I earn if I teach music classes?
how to promote your dance class?

This calculator helps you get answers to some of the questions like

Preferred days of teaching, Someone who is thinking of starting it part time, may find time in the evenings or only on Weekends, whereas someone who is doing it full time may prefer teaching on all 7 Days.
You will be able to decide on the number of batches you can run, depending on the subjects you teach. For example, someone taking maths tuition can possibly take 6 to 8 batches in a day, whereas, someone teaching Dance which is physically demanding may be able to 4 or maximum 6 batches in a day.
Also depending on logistics, one may decide to conduct online classes, for which a maximum of 8 students is good in order to be more effective, while someone having space for fitness centre can bring in more than 15 students in one batch.

Basis your capacity, subject area, time availability and ambition to grow, you can start small, with hard work and apply principles of entrepreneurship, you can grow into a personal coaching or training brand.

Factors which will determine a continuous growth will take into consideration aspects of learning, investing and applying.

While at the time of starting, one should set anaim to establish personal brand for which should start by creating a personal Website, listing with important niche websites like Millioncenters, Justdial, Google Business Listings, Facebook Page etc and continuously promote your ideas, lessons, thoughts on these sites.


You should keep your website for your coaching with latest design, updated websites for coaching classes with all your latest courses, methodologies, events and promotion images and videos. Students trust you more, if they see you being professional.


All the above applies to even to established coaching centers, who are experiencing drop in number of students, as more and more students are trying online video lessons or find it difficult to promote themselves against established training brands

Other important question that does come in the minds of tuition owners or coaching center owner is how to go about advertisement tuition classes or how to advertise your hobby or fitness classes. As we believe every growing business requires investment to grow and promote for coaching approximately 15% of your earnings should be re-invested to promote or grow. Some of the avenues to advertise for small to medium size tuition business advertisement

1. Facebook ads – World’s biggest social media network offers a very effective medium to reach your targeted audience

2. Google Ads – as you search for anything you want on internet, similarly your prospect students will also search on google with terms like tuition classes near me or Yoga classes near me or Gyms near me or delhi home tutors etc. Thus, once you have a website, you can leverage Google ads to get students by launching specific tuition advertising of your classes ( Read our blog on Tuition advertising)

3. Niche sites advertising – You would have used Zomato app to order food or find a restaurant, you would have found that Zomato runs ads or banners of specific location restaurants and chances are that you will pick the ones being shown on top, similarly Milioncenters and other similar platforms etc offer branding and advertising options to help you get top listing view, thus fetching more prospects or leads.

4. Offline advertisement – if you have bigger budgets , you can always explore tuition advertisement options through pamphlet distributions or getting your brand on hoardings.

5. Digital Maturity Calculator – Test your digital maturity as a Tutor or Trainer, click on image to test :

We are experiencing unprecedented times in this pandemic, where all businesses are getting impacted, schools are shut, children are learning from home - on computers through online coaching classes gyms, fitness, yoga, dance centres are shut as no one is coming for in person training or group classes. Thus, making it even more important for you to go extra mile to reach your target students be it for Yoga classes, hobby classes like art or music, or students for dance classes.

As we know, even parents are not encouraging the kids to take up tuitions as the exams are either delayed or not being so rigorous. Thus, ultimately everyone is getting impacted. However, we are seeing high number of people who are planning to follow their passion, learn a new hobby or teach something they are good at. In these pressing times, coaching or tuition business is forming the basis for second income as jobs are getting insecure.

This has become an opportunity for people to start teaching with use to technology and leveraging it to promote themselves on social media like Linkedin, Facebook etc. However, it may seem easier said than done as there are thousands of teachers, trainers, coaches who all are competing with you.

What will set you apart from others and help you achieve you income Goal will depend on multiple factors like your digital maturity, your use to technology to stay connected and save time, your investment in promotion and building a personal brand, will help you establish digital tutoring process to grow. These factors will help you gain trust of students, get recommendations, reach more and more students, and grow smartly.

What better way will it be than to start with Millioncenters, India’s No 1 platform for Tutors and Trainers to become a brand, as we can help you do all of that. To learn more, fill this form :

Disclaimer : Please note that the tool presents values, based on market trends and deep analysis of the various industry types. The outcomes of the tool, should only be considered as a reference/guide for your planning. MillionCenters does not guarantee any success in your growth or any defined outcomes, with these results, as these are just suggestive values for your planning.

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