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Well since you have come to test your digital maturity as a Tutor or Trainer, we believe you are pretty serious to grow your Tuition business. Traditional coachers trainers use to simply rely on word of mouth to get more and more learners or students in various subjects or streams they were providing training, be it tuitions for maths as that was considered difficult or coaching for sports like lawn tennis etc. Those were the good old days of less competition and less aspirations. In todays world everybody has multiple interests, learners want to get better at everything be it sports, music, dance etc besides the obvious academics, and this gives rise to doubts, queries and concerns like

Where do I find the best dance teacher?
How do I trust if this maths teacher is really good?
Can this music teacher, teach my 8 yr girl child to be a singer?
It’s such a hassle to find a good maths teacher from Google
What are the timings for next batch of Yoga class?
How much will be the fee for dance classes, to learn Bollywood dancing?

And many more

Now a typical learner or parent who is a millennial will rely on google or facebook to find a teacher, with all those queries in his/her mind.

“The worst thing that a good teacher or trainer can do is not be found on these new age Digital platforms”

This is where we felt that it is important for Tutors and Coaches Tuition teachers to know where they settle in terms of Digital Maturity and this simple calculator helps you asses

where you are compared to your competition
what you need to do to rise up this curve
do you need to invest in a website
how much of Social sharing you need to do?

Basis our analysis and research, tuition and hobby teachers who have a website get 23% more student queries than the once who do not have a personal website, whereas the ones who promote themselves on Social media are 37% more likely to get new students.


We understand that its not everyone’s cup of tea to get a website or be able to learn technology to promote themselves. But that was the case 5 years back, now a days digital technologies have evolved so much that with min investments one can get a personal website (learn how Millioncenters can Help you get you best Professional Branded Website at low budget) and


with small routine marketing spend, one can easily continuously promote themselves on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Youtube.

If you are starting with low budgets, here is a quick check list of places where you should have a free account to promote and advertise your tuition business or fitness & coaching classes.

1. Google Business listing – This is absolutely free to create a profile and update what you teach a train and it helps get local views on google search

2. Facebook Pages – I am sure you have a personal Facebook account, simply create a business page and add details about subjects you teach

3. Millioncenters App – This is India’s No1 website for Tutors, Trainers & Coaches to list and promote themselves. It provides variety of tools to get a digital identity, manage classes, manage inquiry and connect with your students. & this too is free to use their variety of tools.

4. Justdial – Now which business in India is not on Justdial, so you can simply list your tuition centre on it.


These are few key free to list platforms, on which you should always be active, as a potential learner or student can connect with you from any of these.

Next thing which is vital for any tutors Digital Maturity to is to promote oneself with discipline. Now this may seem irrelevant or irrational as to why should a tuition tutor or sports teacher be promoting on Social media, the simple answer to that is all your peers are doing it, so if you don’t you will definitely fade out.Remember story of Mr. Rakesh <- lick to view

Here’s a list of important Social Media sites you should definitely be promoting yourself.


1. Facebook – Facebook offers thousands of groups of tuitions, dance, music, parents etc basis their interest. You should join these groups and be sure to post about your offers and also promote your personal website or facebook business page.

2. Millioncenters App – As mentioned this is one unique platform which note only offers free listings and tools but with its social engagement you can host demo classes, webinars, and even connect with thousands of learners and tutors through its social feed.

3. Instagram – one of the most popular platforms after facebook and also owned by Facebook, is uniquely suited for hobby teachers who want to promote their Dance Classes, photography, art, Music, designs classes etc.

4. Youtube – I am sure you spend at least 15 minutes of your time on Youtube, discovering what other people are sharing, use this platform to share your music lessons, record videos of spoken English skills or Vedic maths tips and let people know you are great at what you teach.

5. Whatsapp - Although a messaging app, it offers unique social sharing opportunity by being parts of various community groups.

6. Pinterest – Well suited platform for artists, designers. So if share your creative art on this platform.

7. Linkedin – this is a world biggest social platform for professionals, particularly well suites for Corporate trainers, life coaches, personality development teachers and professional & technical training teaches, who may teach technical courses like Data Science, Python, Digital Marketing etc.

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Another critical factor that helps you create an online Tuition Center is through having your own personal Website and Class Management tools. We are increasing observing that students & parents trust those tutors more whom they

1. can find through a professional website of the tuition provider,

2. read about the teacher

3. can learn about positive reviews

4. find it use technology to easily manage communications like fee reminders, class schedules and digital communications?

Besides this in CoVID times, when in person coaching is not possible, it is vital for trainers and tuition teachers to be able to conduct their tuitions or music, dance, yoga classes online. So do make sure you are able to conduct live Classes online.

Things to consider while choosing a Live Classes platform. All these platforms have Online Classes free models

1. Pricing – while there are platforms which come with host of capabilities, but, if you are just starting be sure to start with low cost platform and as you grow , you can move to more sophisticated platforms. To start with you can use Google Meet, Whatsapp Video Call(upto 4 students), Zoom if permitted in your country.

2. Integrated with Class Management – it is always convenient to have your live video classes hosted with the class management software, so that you and your students get a seamless experience.

3. Capabilities in live class platform
a. Unique Meeting ID – every class that is scheduled should be with unique id, so that there is never confusion in students joining different online meeting rooms
b. Security – It is vital that any platform you use is secure and using latest technologies to prevent information like use accounts or videos lessons being hacked into.
c. Mute function – with Teacher having control to Mute All or unmute any student
d. Presentation – you should be able to share your screen
e. Whiteboard – it’s a good to have feature, some platforms do provide this feature, however there is a workaround to simply share your screen and present on Word doc or Microsoft Powerpoint.
f. Streaming – if you hosting an event and want more people to join, having a streaming capability is very helpful to reach more and more people
g. Chat – without much thought, this has to be part of all Live Classes platforms.

(Here’s a good reference of Do’s and Don’t of conducting Online classes)

Another kool and intellectual method of being ahead on the digital maturity curve is to Blog or write about your coaching offers, your teaching techniques, your research and short interesting articles which help reinforce the trust and confidence in parents and students about your capabilities. Blogs also help your get higher rankings on Google search and reach more and more students. There are many ways to go about starting your own Personal blog, here is a list of few personal blog websites

1. Personal Blog – This always better to have ones own personal blog on personal website which will help your website rank faster and get more students. This will also help you seen as a master in the field. Did you know with MillionCenters Digital Pack, you get your own personal Blog section as well.

2. Mediumthis is an open platform for people who wish to write, share content, exchange ideas. Creating and account is absolutely free and you can easily start writing in just 5 mins.

3. Wordpressis actually free and open source content management systems, which powers highest number of websites in the world. It also offers free wordpress site for anybody to create personal blogging site on it. (Do read about Medium vs Wordpress)

4. Bloggerstarted as as website for anybody to write and create presentable blogs, and was later purchased by Google 2003.

(Do ready our article on Blogging for beginners)

All of the above helps establish credibility, trust, save time and help grow and become a Digital brand of your coaching and teaching classes.

Once you have invested time and some money in creating a professional digital identity, the next thing is to decide your marketing strategy to grow. A professional grows, if he knows how to market him/herself. A right mix of self promotion, Social Media marketing, and digital ad spend can help you gaingrowths and beat your competition.

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Disclaimer : Please note that the tool presents values, based on market trends and deep analysis of the various industry types. The outcomes of the tool, should only be considered as a reference/guide for your planning. MillionCenters does not guarantee any success in your growth or any defined outcomes, with these results, as these are just suggestive values for your planning.

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