What is as smart board and top reasons for using smart board

What is as smart board and top reasons for using smart board

  • 08/04/2022

What is a SMART Board and Why should consider Having it in Your Classroom?


5 Examples of SMART Boards in the Classroom | Resilient Educator

Source: https://resilienteducator.com/classroom-resources/five-ways-that-smart-boards-are-a-smart-choice-in-the-classroom/


We live in a technologically advanced era where everything around us is constantly evolving with the help of technology. The world we live in is driven by technology and heavily relies on it.  

We cannot deny that technology has helped in the advancement of human culture and improved quality of life. Technology has transformed and influenced various fields in this modern-day society such as the communication sector, healthcare sector, and even the educational sector.

The education sector has seen a lot of improvement over time. With the help of technology students and parents have a lot of learning tools at their fingertips. Teachers now can connect and engage with their students all around the world from their homes.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic, the dependency on technology was more than ever. As the schools and universities were closed down students were forced to adapt to this environment and to take their schooling online. This is where we saw was a boom in online learning. Online learning is not limited to academics but also to people who want to pursue their hobbies, this area saw a huge surge as people in lockdown had quite a lot of free time in their hands.  

As we are speaking of the evolution of technology let me introduce you to the future of teaching: SMART BOARDS or INTERACTIVE BOARDS. Even though the first SMARTBOARD was introduced in the 1990s it has proven its value in recent times. Initially, the target market for these Interactive boards was offices and small business meetings it was more like an office tool but this was changed entirely in 1991 when they found that the most profitable was the educational sector.

In this article, you will know what SMART BOARDS are and why you consider buying them.




A SMARTBOARD is an interactive whiteboard. To put it simply a SMARTBOARD is sensitive to touch which allows you to do a ton of various things such as writing, browsing the internet, etc. It also works as a digital projector.  SMARTBOARD connects to PC via an HDMI cable. You can operate a SMARTBOARD with a touch or by using a special pen. One of the best features of a SMARTBOARD is that you can access information from all around the world just with a touch of a finger/pen. SMARTBOARD helps in displaying the content of your computer too, it acts as a projector.

The interactive board has proven to be a great benefit for both students and teachers.

How Much Does a SMART Board Cost?

Source: https://www.smartersys.com/blog/how-much-does-a-smart-board-cost




What are the uses of the Interactive Board/ SMARTBOARD?


The use of a SMARTBOARD is not just limited to being a projector. Want to show a YouTube clip you can resort to SMARTBOARD, want to show a PowerPoint you can resort to SMARTBOARD.

A SMARTBOARD is a beneficiary tool for classrooms. It helps with presentations running smoothly. It saves data too. It makes a teacher’s job a lot easier as you won’t have to write the crucial key/points every time you take a class, you can just pull up the study materials/notes on the SMARTBOARD.

Why you should consider having a SMARTBOARD/ Interactive Board in your Classroom:

  • Helps in boosting ENGAGEMENT in class:

Having an Interactive Board increases students’ curiosity and participation in the classroom. Some psychologists say that a student concentrates for only about 10 to 15 minutes in a classroom.  It is natural that students’ levels of concentration can vary due to various factors such as mood, personal interests, motivation, etc.


One foolproof way to help your students increase their engagement in class would introducing a SMARTBOARD. With the use of digital technology, the students can really connect to the lessons which will in turn help them to get a better understanding of the concept. You can encourage your students to solve the problems on the smartboard too.



Educators will flip over a new kind of smart board

Source: https://insights.samsung.com/2022/03/28/why-educators-will-flip-over-a-new-kind-of-smart-board-3/


  • Helps in providing additional content:

A SMARTBOARD helps in enhancing the lesson by providing some extra content. This would clarify the lessons even better. You can prepare some PowerPoint presentations, YouTube clips. short videos or some infographics for better clarification.  

  • Helps with notes:

A SMARTBOARD will save you from a lot of trouble that comes from writing on the board. You can just highlight the key points and let your students jot them down. You can also have the textbook up on the board where you can break down each section, definitions, etc. so that the students have better clarity and the students can keep a track of what you are teaching in the classroom too.

Amazing FREE SMART Board Resources -

Source: https://visionext.com.au/amazing-free-smart-board-resources/




If you are struggling to keep your lessons interactive or engaging a SMARTBOARD can prove to be an ideal solution. It helps with a better understanding of lessons, boosts up a collaborative and interactive environment, and as the students are already familiar with this digital technology, they feel quite drawn towards it.

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