Top Home Tuition Class Websites in India

Top Home Tuition Class Websites in India

  • 09/12/2020

 Top Home Tuition Class Websites in India

Home tutoring or online tutoring websites have witnessed a significant growth this year due to the restrictions posed by the CoVID pandemic. This has created a massive surge in demand for quality teachers and content for student to use. A number of platforms and websites are there which help students find teacher for home tuitions classes and this home tuitions websites offer number of features, which help tutors and teachers in promotion and find students for home tuition service.


Top features in home tuition websites

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  1. Profile Creation – Each of the websites offer ability for any home tuition teachers to create a profile, basis which students were able find them
  2. Student Leads – all these home tuition websites help home tutors get student leads. Some websites charge this these leads.
  3. Promotion & Advertising – These home tuition sites offer budget base home tuition advertisement options for home tutors to advertise themselves locally and get more students
  4. Lead Management Modules – These sites profile basic to advance level lead management capabilities so the home tutors can consolidate the leads they receive and interact with them
  5. Communications and interaction modules- Some of the website even offer advance communication modules to help your send SMS, emails etc to the student leads
  6. Reviews – These websites also help students share feedback and review for the teachers they have studied with.
  7. Job Opportunity – Some websites work with a model of offering home tuition jobs to conduct online tuition classes
  8. Analytics & Statistics – Some of the websites even publish trends and insights about home tuitions like benchmarks fees, in different cities and typical fees for different subjects etc

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In today’s world you have to use technology to stay ahead and grow your tuition business Therefore it is vital that if you are someone already teaching or wants to start home tuition ,To help students in their search for online tuition class (Also read 8 tips for conducting interesting online classes) or home tutors whereby everyone is looking for home tuition near me (where they live) here is our list of the top best online tutoring websites:


1.    Vedantu



Vedantu is at the forefront of Indian online tutoring websites, which provide students with quality content taught by Indian teachers. This website also offer home tutoring jobs as well.

They offer free study material like question papers and mock tests to provide the best tools to students and teachers. They also provide customers access to the highest quality books and formula lists to provide an optimal learning experience.

  • Boards: CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra Board, AP board, Bihar Board, and Other State Boards
  • Courses: Preschool reading classes, Coding classes, Commerce and Science Grade 11 and 12, JEE and NEET classes, All subjects for Class 1 to 10.
  • Qualification of teachers: Bachelors or Masters in the chosen subject.
  • Price: In general, the price is approx 300 to 1000 INR per hour for personal classes and can drop down to 100 to 700 for group classes.
  • Website:


2. Millioncenters – Never Stop Learning


Millioncenters is the India’s leading website for Home tuitions, hobby classes which includes Music classes, dance classes, fitness trainers etc

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Millioncenters provide one single app for both learners and trainers to connect. So anybody looking for a home tuitions near me to his home, can easily find 100s of home tuition classes teachers near them. The Website had more than 50k tuition teachers and trainers listed. SO if you are a home tuition teacher, you can list for free and start using its many free to sue modules to help your promote your home tuition class and manage your students. Millioncenters is also present in Singapore & other ASEAN countries.

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  • Courses: Home Tuition for all classes 1 – 12
  • Subjects – English Class, Hindi Class, Maths Class, Science Class
  • Language Classes – Spanish Class, French Class, German Class, German Class, .
  • Price: The prices depend on the subject and can range from 300 – 1500 INR per hour, as being charged directly by the teacher. Millioncenters does not take any commission or charge on behalf of the teachers.
  • Website:



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