Meet Anjana Satheesan online Maths tutor with 35 years of experience

Meet Anjana Satheesan online Maths tutor with 35 years of experience

  • 03/04/2022

“I want to help students overcome their phobia of mathematics”


I am Anjana Satheesan, an educator and a math enthusiast with more than 35+ years of experience.  Over the years I have mastered techniques, formulated tips, and tricks to make mathematics simple and more exciting. My focus is to help students comprehend Mathematics concepts with confidence and score good grades in their school exams and have a strong foundation in the subject. I have been teaching maths tuitions for Classes 9th & 10th all boards be it CBSE, ICSE or State boards.



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Can you elaborate on how and why you developed the passion for teaching?


I belong to a family of teachers. And the word is that I am a born teacher. After I joined the school as a teacher, I noticed that there was a phobia of Mathematics among the children. I also noticed that the personality of the child is very much dependent on their interest in this subject. So, I focused on removing this phobia and inculcating an interest in mathematics. I am so fortunate to have instilled mathematical skills in more than 10 thousand students.  I have been taking online maths classes for many years now.

What is unique about your teaching style?


My strength is in understanding the learning ability of each student and giving them the care, attention, and knowledge needed. My focus is on helping young students understand mathematics with confidence and score good marks in their school exams. I want to help students to build a solid foundation in the subject. Over the years I have mastered techniques, formulated tips, and tricks to make mathematics simple and exciting. My focus is to help students enjoy mathematics, improve their critical thinking and create a curious and engaging nature towards mathematics.

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Who has been your greatest Inspiration? and why?


My greatest inspiration would be my mother and my uncles. Just like me they too were teachers. I have seen them change the lives of many students, not just academically, but also by paving way for overall development. A great teacher not only teaches a subject but also helps in laying a foundation of a personality and an identity in the young minds of students, they help students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. And much like my mother, I chose this noble profession of being a teacher as a teacher is the one who creates future Engineers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, etc. who in turn helps in building our nation.

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Tell us about your interests other than Teaching?


Apart from being an enthusiast of teaching mathematics, reading is one of my biggest passion. I always find a certain kind of comfort in books they help me relax, they make me happy and are always with me.

I have a handful of close friends whom I like to hang out with now and again but due to the current situation, I haven’t been able to meet them for a few years


How do you think, we can make this world a better place?


By acceptance. I think the world can be a better place when people just accept the way they are or any person as they are. We should understand the fact that in this universe everyone is different and unique in their own ways and everyone is given enough intelligence to decide how they should act, think, behave or live. 

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