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Want to know the importance of fitness in life? Contact me and find out how fitness and workout can change your life for the better! Welcome to my online space - I am Abhishek Ruhaniya, a fitness trainer and aerobics instructor with years of experience. My love for fitness and gym started out some years ago and since then, I’ve followed my interest both as a passion and profession. 



Do you wish to achieve a shredded physique and muscles? If yes, I can help you learn bo...


Aerobic exercises like cardio machines, cross-fit, running and kickboxing are great for...

Weight Gain

Do you want to gain weight and improve your personality? I can help you achieve your we...

Testimonials for Abhishek Ruhaniya

I am fond of bodybuilding so I booked a session with Abhishek. Must say his passion for workout is amazing and he also taught me some great things


Kunal Sharma

Abhishek sir helped me learn aerobics and lose weight in just 3 months. Highly recommended


Priya Saini

Abhishek Ruhaniya is a thorough professional. I love his dedication for fitness


Raghu Yadav

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